Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Heroes: School of Blunt Force Trauma

I'm a little ashamed of myself for it, but I was actually glad not to see Greg Grunberg in the credits this week - not because I don't want to see him, but because I don't want to see Matt. Maybe the writers can take this week to think of ways to use the extremely cool actor they've landed in better ways. Greg, meanwhile, can take the week off to jam with his band and do all the other cool things he does. How did such a cool guy get stuck with such a lame part? Come on, writers! Stop squandering your Grunberg!

So anyway, Niki gets released by Linderman (and then locked up again by Jessica), and Isaac is working with Mr. Bennet, but the big stories are:

Peter: Claude, in the course of teaching him how to use his powers, frames him as a purse-snatcher, slugs him, mocks him about the hair in the face (Thank you! Someone said it!) and throws him off a building. Oh, Claude. You don't have to try so hard. I already love you. Anyway, Claude tells him that other people suck and the only way to focus his powers is to forget about everyone else, but Peter realizes the opposite is true: by remembering the people he stole his powers from, he can call up those powers. Peter, why have Claude as your sensei if you're not even going to listen to him? Because you're not going to do anything about that hair, are you? No, I didn't think so.

Hiro: George Takei finally has lines this week, and he's brought along Hiro's big sister Kimiko. Kimiko is smart, business-minded, and total sidekick-nip, because Ando has a serious crush on her. Aw, Ando! Anyway, Hiro's dad wants him to come home and become an executive vice president, not realizing that this would be the worst idea ever. I mean, he's cute and all, but do you want him to be your executive vice president of anything but awesome? Hiro skillfully manages to point up his business incompetence while simultaneously highlighting his sister's competence, and Mr. Nakamura goes back to Japan with Kimiko, leaving Hiro and Ando to their quest. Come back soon, Nakamuras!

The Bennets: As Zach and Claire head out on a field trip to find Claire's birth mom, Sylar escapes, locks up Mr. Bennet, and heads over to the Bennet residence to creepily chat up Mrs. Bennet, who takes quite a while to get freaked out about this guy. I blame it on the constant neuralyzing. Finally Mr. Bennet comes home with the Haitian, runs off Sylar, and erases Mrs. Bennet's memory again (see?). Meanwhile, Claire's birth mom tells us, but not Claire, who Claire's father is. And, as probably 90% of you predicted, it's Nathan. Oh, I'm sorry, let me do that again, with the appropriate level of shock: it's Nathan!!!1!!1! (DUN!)