Friday, February 16, 2007

Grey's Anatomy: Trepanation is the WORST

Let’s take a peek into my head at approximately 10:01 last night: “Is she dead? They wouldn’t kill off the main character. But she looks and sounds pretty dead! Grey's Anatomy is totally named after her, though. But the announcer said that next week would be devastating! Maybe she’s brain-damaged or something. Or maybe it’s the BEST TWIST EVER, and they actually killed off the main character. Although it seems like I would’ve heard spoilers to that effect, not that I really read spoilers that much…”

So yeah, she’s totally not dead, but it was still suspenseful enough to get me thinking. And then barfing at the cheesy “Am I dead?” sequence with Denny and that exploded guy.

And I guess I was wrong about Izzie killing that dude. Sorry, Izzie. I shouldn’t have doubted your abilities to save a man crushed under a car with nothing more than a scalpel and a regular hand drill. My bad!

I’m gonna say that telling George his marriage was a giant mistake was Izzie’s bad, though. And comparing Burke to a murdered corpse was Cristina’s bad, and letting Addison know that he cares about her may have been Alex’s bad. Only time and possibly the influence of alcohol will tell.