Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Veronica Mars: Happy V-Day!

That's Veronica Day to you. There's no romance here, despite the best efforts of a precocious kid who tries to get Logan and Veronica back together. I wish I was kidding. Precocious kids are lazy writing, VM. I thought you were better than that. Yes, there's the Veronica Mars twist, in that the girl's dad just ran out on them and she's on Prozac, but still – it's a Precocious Kid Who Redeems With Cuteness. And she's trying to fix Veronica and Logan back up, which is another huge strike against her. Knock it off, Precocious Kid. If you saw them together, you'd realize the horrible mistake you're making. On the bright side, Logan is starting to get over the breakup, recovering enough to take the girl out for ice – hey, wait a minute! Damn you, Precocious Kid, for being good for something!

More good news: we don't have to send out the search dogs after all. Wallace is back, and he brought Cliff with him! Yay! Where have you boys been? Did you run into Piz? Tell him to stop moping and listening to emo and get back here. Anyway, it would have been a travesty had they not brought Wallace back for this episode, since the main case is about the murder of the Hearst basketball coach. Lamb suspects, and jails, the son, Josh. But Veronica, just to be contrary, thinks Josh is innocent, and brings him some contraband to buck up his spirits. And then Veronica is arrested for helping Josh escape! It's a two-parter, people! And I can't stop using the exclamation points! It's all so exciting! And Veronica orders Keith not to die! Which I do, too! Don't die, Keith! Not ever! Keep leaving out breakfast traps for Veronica!

Ahem. Sorry, but Veronica got arrested! I got all excited! I'll stop with the exclamation points now. So the Dean O'Dell case: Keith gets discouraged by the lack of progress and Mindy's non-forthrightness, and almost quits. But after reading a letter of recommendation the Dean wrote for Veronica, he (and I, and probably you, too) is reminded of just how awesome the student-hating Dean of Students was, and he's rededicated to the case. Mindy, however, fires him. Like I said with Landry before, the evidence points to her too much for her to have done it. And since no one's yet said anything about the stepson, I'm going to continue to suspect him. Until the episode where he's the prime suspect, and then I'll suspect the younger son.


Colin said...

I missed that show last night. Unusually crappy SaskTel picked last night for the autotunes to not work. I couldn't put the timer on.

Liz said...

I missed it too, and I missed last week as well! So uncool. My damn DVR, despite supposedly being dual-tuner, keeps deciding to only record House, rather than both VM and House. So thanks for the recaps, Lori!

vance said...

I liked Precocious kid, at least for playing against blue Logan and becoming some weird comic duo.

David said...

They actually show old episodes streaming without commercials on the cw website.
The new one isn't up yet. I'm not sure when they put them up, but you can watch the one from last week.

Liz said...

Awesome! Thanks, David!