Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Studio 60: Good Riddance?

I’m going to avoid commenting much on last night’s episode of Studio 60 for two reasons: First, I want to see where Sorkin’s going with this whole sexual harassment suit before I eviscerate him over it, because it seemed to possibly take a turn for the better toward the end of the episode, although knowing Sorkin, I kind of doubt it. Second, this may be the last episode of the show that’s aired on NBC (at the very least, the last episode in a long time), so it could be a moot point anyway.

That said, this show is going downhill fast. Danny and Jordan have already become boring, Matt and Harriet make me want to blow my brains out, and the only things to distract me from the drippy romance plotlines are a sexual harassment suit and an out-of-nowhere drug addiction. Not good, Sorkin, not good. Whatever I used to like about Studio 60 is a distant memory at this point, as my favorite characters are either underused (Cal, Jack) or mired in extremely unfortunate plotlines (Harriet, Jordan).

Devoted fans of Studio 60: Jump ship now, and transfer your save-the-show campaigning to 30 Rock! Trust me—it’s much more deserving of your loyalty. And before I forget, your Sorpinion of the week: Fake meat is stupid and pointless. I'd say something bitter about heart attacks and hardened arteries, but some of us prefer to live and let live, Sorkin.