Friday, February 09, 2007

Grey's Anatomy: Crushing Injuries are the WORST

Is it just me, or has Grey’s Anatomy reached ER-esque proportions during sweeps? First we have not one, but two marriage proposals, and now a ferryboat disaster? And as if that weren’t enough, the episode (part one of three) ends with Meredith being thrown into the water by a flailing patient. Yeah.

Oh, and how creepy was that little girl who was following Meredith around? If other people hadn’t seen her, and this were a crappier show, I’d totally expect the three-parter to end like this:

Derek: How did you get out of that water alive? You know you can’t swim!

Meredith [soaking wet, wrapped in blankets]: I would have drowned, if it weren’t for that little blonde girl jumping in to save me.

Derek: You mean this little blonde girl? [Pulls sheet off of body lying on the ground to reveal the little blonde girl] Meredith, she died in the accident. She couldn’t have helped you. You must be crazy from the hypothermia, or the anorexia.

Meredith: But she saved me! I KNOW WHAT I SAW!!!

Thankfully, this isn’t The Ghost Whisperer, or Touched by an Angel, or some other crappy supernatural show I’ve never seen. As evidenced by the fact that Izzy didn’t gain superstrength to save the guy trapped under a car, and Alex didn’t gain super-plastic-surgery-ing to make it so I didn’t want to hurl every time they showed that poor crushed woman’s face. Seriously. (P.S. - Yay, Alex! Getting better every week!)


Colleen said...

I think the better headline would bee "Crushing Injuries? Thats the WORST!"

Liz said...

I'll take that under advisement for the next time I write about crushing injuries. (Which, given the number of times my gag reflex was triggered during that episode, will hopefully be a long time from now.)