Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Heroes: If Hiro Could Turn Back Time, If He Could Find a Way...

A wise man once said, "We're either going to die, or we're going to fly." The ubiquitous Heroes promos suggest that the Heroes do both this week, and for once, the promos are completely correct. The flier is, of course, Peter, who learns to control his powers, thanks to Claude beating him with a staff (no, really – thanks, Claude). He rescues Claude from Mr. Bennet and the Haitian by flying off with him, but Claude just ditches him for it. So Peter – and this is where I actually started to enjoy him a little – goes slightly evil on Isaac, the one who exposed them. And in the midst of all this telekinetic and invisible taunting, Isaac accidentally shoots Simone. I would give that an exclamation point if I had really come to care about Simone, but I haven't. Bye, Simone! Perhaps your death will turn Peter more evil?

Mohinder/Sylar: The "This Can Only End Badly" World Tour '07 heads to Montana, where Mohinder and his brain-craving assistant meet up with a woman with superhearing. Do I really need to tell you what happens? (I'll tell you this, at any rate: awesomely, Sylar discovers that superhearing is a bitch. Ha!)

Matt: To follow his triumphant bout of relevance last week, Matt takes a victory lap, teaming up with Nuclear Ted and a new hero, a woman named Hana with power over the wireless web. It's still better than melting metal. However, the continued relevance comes in the form of another trademark Bad Matt Idea, as he wraps up the episode with Nuclear Ted (and Hana, presumably) in Texas, where he's holding the Bennets at gunpoint. You know, I used to not like Janice, but after the drubbing she gives him about the diamonds, I think we need her around to tell him when he's doing something stupid. He could not do stupid things, but I guess I'm okay with them as long as they get him involved in the major storylines.

Hiro/Ando: Hiro and Ando break up! And it's really sad, because they more or less declare their heterosexual life partner love for each other, and that love helps Hiro turn back time. But Hiro doesn't want Ando to get hurt because of him, and even though Ando finally believes in the quest, Hiro leaves him behind. Oh, I know that they're just going to get back together soon, because the writers love them just as much as we do, but it's still a heartbreaking scene. Because it's guy love, between two guys!


brenda said...

The promos led us to believe that the "someone" who dies would be one of the heroes. Instead, it was Simone - who cares? A bit of a cop out. Otherwise a good episode. Peter finally cops a little attitude (other than whiny, I mean), and Matt decides to take action. Matt, Ted, and The Wireless Web Bitch seem like a good team. This could be an interesting thread. And I'm enjoying seeing Skylar suffering from one of his powers. Let's see how long it takes Mohindar to figure it out with his super powers of observation!

I would be devastated about Ando and Hiro's breakup if I believed it was permanent. I know they'll be back together soon. (If not, Writers, I'm coming to get you!)

Best part of this show - no Niki/Jessica!