Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Veronica Mars: Out Like a Lamb

When last we left Veronica, she was stuck in Neptune prison, and time kept dragging on. And while I was convinced that it was all a misunderstanding, it just shows how much I know, because it really was the cookies that helped Josh break out (allergic to peanuts, you see). Oh, Veronica Mars, you always go slightly to the left of where I think you will. Anyway, Josh didn't really do it – the coach offed himself because he was suffering from a particularly nasty brain disease. But Josh stays gone so his family can get the insurance money. And while I think I'd be a bit more upset at my dad if he killed himself and expected me to take the fall so that the family could get the money, Josh seems to be okay with it. I guess I'm just heartless.

There's quite a bit of information on the O'Dell front this week, since it seems that the second mini-mystery of the season is wrapping up soon. The Marses learn that: Stolz showed up the day of the dean's death; someone bugged Landry's phone; the shooting was an hour later than they thought (stupid basketball moving programming later – the best thing about The New CW for me is that Veronica Mars is no longer on a channel that bumps programming during playoffs. Okay, rant over); Mindy's ex's prints are on O'Dell's keyboard; and Weevil discovers Landry's bloody clothes in a… flue? Or something? We'll say flue. But I'm suspicious, because the shirt is conveniently monogrammed, and why not burn the clothes and make sure they were gone? If Landry did do it, he's the worst criminology professor ever. (Although I guess they do say that those who can't do, teach.)

Okay, but the big story. So Mindy's ex breaks into the O'Dell house again, and Sacks and Lamb go over to check it out. Mindy's ex whacks Lamb with a bat, Sacks shows up, there's all this shooting, and Lamb, I guess, falls on a piece of glass from the mirror he just broke, because suddenly… Lamb is dead? And Keith is the sheriff? I just – I – what? Up is down! Black is white! Crazy is sane! Donuts are raining from the sky! Cats and dogs are living together! What the hell just happened? And how exactly are the Marses supposed to function a) inside the establishment and b) without Lamb to kick around? Aw, Lamb. I miss him already.


Leigh said...

No joke! How did they get rid of (in my opinion) the best foil in the VMars universe!?