Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Veronica Mars: There's a New Sheriff in Town (...Dammit)

Yes, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that now that Keith is the sheriff, things will be much less interesting around here. Without tense, snarky standoffs with an arrogant sheriff, how will the Marses find the motivation to make their case? Well, the funny thing is, Veronica disagrees with all sheriffs, no matter who they are. So when Keith makes his case against Landry, Veronica tries to exonerate him, liking Mindy for the murder of the dean instead. But because it's her dad, and they have a good relationship – the thrill is gone, you know? Sigh… there's never going to be another Lamb.

So this is the week that we solve the murder, and for the first fifty minutes or so, the show tries to pull a Chinatown on you. It's Landry! It's Mindy! It's Landry! It's Mindy! It's Landry AND it's Mindy! They both have motive – Mindy would have gotten nothing in a divorce and Landry's career would have been ruined – and the fact that they flee to Mexico together doesn't help anything. But, as I'm sure you figured out weeks ago, neither of them did it. Instead, Landry was trying to pin it on Mindy's ex. Oh, and also, he kills Mindy. It's an accident, though – you know how sometimes when you're on a boat, and you get mad at someone, and you slug them and they fall off the boat and wash up on the Mexican shore? Yeah. Anyway, I don't think Landry's coming back anytime soon.

And the murderer is… [ripping open envelope] Tim! Who I thought was way, way too suspicious to have actually done it, so shows what I know. Tim was the one tapping Landry's phone, and he heard Landry tell Pepperdine what an idiot kiss-ass he was. So killing the dean and framing Landry kills two birds – it ruins Landry and it proves that Tim's smart. That's… well-adjusted. But what I want to know is – where's the next mystery? I was expecting a shocking ending that would set up Mini-Mystery #3, but we don't get that. Now how will I not be able to wait for the return of Veronica Mars?