Friday, February 16, 2007

Ugly Betty: Charlie, You Two-Timing Skank

So you remember how last week Henry had a girlfriend? It's Charlie from Heroes, whose name here is – well, Charlie. At least we don't have to learn a new name. However, it has the unintended consequence of making me expect to see Hiro at any moment, showing up, all, "Charlie! You said you were dead!" while Ando hits on Amanda. Charlie's pretty cool – Bettyish, in fact, so we know Henry has a type – and Betty befriends her. That is, right up until she's possessed by the spirit of Amanda (you kind of had to be there) and she ditches Charlie in the subway. And then she tells Henry she has a crush on him, and they almost kiss, but why put them together now when they can stretch it out and frustrate the viewers? They could do this for years! Like Gilmore Girls! It worked out great for them! I know it's only the beginning of the Betty/Henry tango, but it feels like it's been going on forever. Probably because I spent so much time yelling at the TV over Walter, and now I'm doing it again over Henry, so it all kind of blurs together into one long frustrating… gah! Yeah, I think I'm going to have to get used to this sort of thing.

Marc and Christina, meanwhile, team up to Project Runway a dress out of magazines and bubble wrap, and Sarah Jessica Parker's fashion choices are not questionable enough that she would wear that to the Oscars. I don't think Lara Flynn Boyle would wear it, to be honest. But, hey, it would have made a good showing in the recycling challenge. And that was a hilarious dressmaking montage. You just can't go wrong when you pair up Marc and Christina, although I really miss all their snide carping at each other. It was so much fun!

There's some guest star action this week: Jerry O'Connell goes the "Brad Pitt on Friends" route and shows up to be a jerk to his real-life fiancee, and Daniel gets up to some shenanigans with Lucy Liu (Lucy! What about Bender?), but the important part is that he finally believes that Claire killed Fey. And now Claire says that she's going to turn herself in! Nooooo, don't do it! You've already gotten away with it! Also, they don't have alcohol in prison, and I fear that at least half of your magnificence is because of the booze.

Oh, and you may think that you've seen cute, but unless you saw Justin perform Hairspray as a one-boy show, you don't know what cute is.