Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Heroes: He's Not Bad, He's Just Misunderstood

Wow, this hour had everything! Drama! Action! Useful Matt! Some semblance of answers! And because the only plot we get is the one in Texas, there's nothing to distract us except for a few flashbacks to Mr. Bennet's past with the Paper and Conspiracy Factory. And damn, is what we get good.

We start up where we left off last week, with the Bennet family held hostage, and the kidnappers quickly settling into a good (former) cop, crazy nuclear cop routine. Things really start to get awesome when - to counteract the nuclear insanity of Ted - Matt, Claire, and Bennet form an alliance that is cemented when Matt shoots Claire. And I know that sounds bad, but it was to save the mom's life, and besides, they both told him to do it. Anyway, this is what I'm talking about. This is the kind of partnership I always wanted Matt to strike with other heroes/shadowy "paper salesmen." And I hope it lasts, even if it means Matt joining the Factory, because at least he's doing something.

And then there are the flashbacks, in which we see a young Haitian, a young and ridiculously adorable Hiro, and the moment Bennet chose his iconic glasses. We also learn that Claude was Bennet's first partner at the Paper and Conspiracy Factory, until Bennet was ordered to shoot him, and how Bennet adopted Claire: she was more or less foisted on him by the Factory. The dulcet tones of Mr. Nakamura (oh yes, that's right) give baby Claire to Bennet, but warn that they'll have to take her back if she manifests powers. And this is the entire reason why Bennet's been wiping memories left and right – to keep his daughter with him. Aww.

Unfortunately, Bennet's boss shows up and ruins everything by shooting Ted and making him go seriously, no-foolin' nuclear all up in the Bennet house, and it's up to Claire to sedate him. When the boss sees her heal her radiation burns, it's all over. The Haitian and Claire go on the run together, but not before shooting Bennet (!) and wiping his mind (!!) to divert suspicion from him. Rarely has a character become so sympathetic so fast, and I might be suspicious in other circumstances, but this episode was so good that I can't complain.


tiff said...

fabulous episode! I was a little leary when I heard it was a flashback episode, but this is the kind of flashback (with a purpose, that answers questions!!) that Lost should be doing.

Ooh, I hate people who compare Heroes to Lost and I JUST DID IT. Sigh.

Dylan B. said...

I think that this was the show's brilliant solution to making Bennet into a sympathetic bad guy. See, up until now Claire was the only thing that makes us sympathize with him, otherwise he's a slimey evil guy - so after this episode, with his mind erased, I imagine he's going to become even more evil and supervillianish because he'll still be working for the comany but won't be burdoned with guilt or remorse. We, the viewers will still know that he has good in him.

David said...

Umm...what ever happened to that women who intercepts radiowaves and whatnot. Wasn't she in the kidnapping as shown in last week's episode and then sudden not when they showed it again this week?

Lori said...

Yeah, David, I was wondering about that too. I don't remember the wireless woman being in Texas at the end of the last episode, but she was definitely in on the plan, because she helped Ted confront Matt. So, what the heck?

brenda said...

Yeah, I think that was weird to introduce the Wireless Woman & then drop her. Hope the writers can explain that one!

Otherwise, great episode! Best part (besides Matt's awesomeness!) - Baby Hiro! How can Mr. Nakamura not love him??? And why hasn't Mr. Nakamura turned Hiro over to the Company? Does he not know about Hiro's powers?

Oh, and I almost didn't recognise Eric Roberts. Good addition to the cast. He's so good at playing the smarmy bad guy.