Friday, February 02, 2007

Scrubs: Make Jokes, Not War

HA! I knew there was a reason I've never liked Elliot! Beyond the obvious ones, of course. And last night, it all became clear--she's a Republican!

Yes, last night on Scrubs we witnessed a debate on the war, of sorts. Turk and Dr. Cox, among others, came down on the side of reason the Dixie Chicks. Elliot and Laverne came down on the side of too stubborn to admit they were wrong the rest of country radio. JD was unsurprisingly ignorant. The larger message appeared to be, "If you debate politics (at least at work), you ignore important real-life stuff, and people get hurt."

I'm not sure if that was the intentional message...the whole thing was kind of garbled and weird, to be honest. But with some solid jokes, among them a fantasy of Dr. Kelso's involving a Southeast Asian woman and a navy uniform. And it was great being in Kelso's head! "Skiddle-ee-dee, Skiddle-ee-doo."


Colleen said...

Yeah, the second time there was the korean girl fantasy? I laughed SO FUCKING HARD.

And elliot was a little crazy. i mean, im not 100% anti war, but...she doesnt represent me either. :P

Liz said...

Yeah, Kelso is like, stealth-hilarious. Often predictable/low-key, but then occasionally pulls out these gut-bustingly hilarious gems.