Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Studio 60: The Beginning of the End?

Oy. Just…oy. After last week’s Danny/Jordan goodness (shut up), I was really looking forward to this week’s Studio 60, only to have my hopes bitterly dashed by a shitty, shitty episode involving pointless flashbacks, contrived hallucinations, and (worst of all?) a random drug problem. Goddammit, Sorkin. Goddammit. You have taken a show with enormous potential and turned it into an airing of your personal views, gripes, and demons.

At this point, despite the many things I really do like about the show, I wouldn’t blame NBC executives if they pulled the plug. I’d be a bit bummed, but I wouldn’t blame ‘em. Here’s hoping The Black Donnellys sucks big-time, since as TiFaux points out, it’s being brought in early to “temporarily” replace the ailing Studio 60.

So what happened? Nothing but a huge step backward in the quality of the show. Matt and Harriet met a long time ago and he really liked her, but she and Luke got to work on a sketch together. Matt remembered a writer from back when whom Wes fired for taking pills, but (SURPRISE!) the writer never existed, and was just a drug-induced, anvil-tastic hallucination wearing Matt’s clothing. Because, you see, Matt now has a drug problem. Complete with the minor violin chords of guilt, the extreme close-ups of wrongdoing, and the dramatic fadeouts of repercussions-to-come. Goddammit, Sorkin.


Brian said...

Couldn't agree more. I've been hanging on and hanging on and hanging on, seeing the great potential of the show, waiting for it to really deliver. I was OK with the Jordan-Danny thing, but when added to Matt-Harriet and the other romantic storyline I thought it was getting bogged down in too many love interests. Then this week was the last straw. I've watched every episode so far, but I think I'm done now, even if the show lives on. Too much unfulfilled promise.

Liz said...

I'll hang on, if only to keep documenting the tragic waste of potential. But it's gonna be tough not to mock outright if it gets any worse (a drug addiction? seriously?!).