Thursday, February 08, 2007

Veronica Mars: We're So Over (It)

This week on Veronica Mars: Veronica gets crazy jealous. As in, jealous to the point of actually being crazy about it. She can't sleep, can't concentrate on anything, because she's obsessing about Logan and Madison. When she confronts Logan about it, she insists, "This is something I'm never getting over," and oh, how I wish I could believe that. They're just going to get back together before February sweeps is over. That's how they roll. Break up, stay broken up for an episode or two, get back together, repeat. Logan, knowing how this vicious cycle operates, leaves a drunken message on her voicemail about how sorry he is and how much he loves her and probably some other stuff. The fact that Veronica deletes this message without listening to all of it only means that their eventual reconciliation is delayed a week. On the plus side, Veronica nearly has Weevil cube Madison's car, which, while crazy, and mostly illegal, would have at least been enjoyable for everyone. Much more so than Sad, Sad, Repentant, and Sad Logan. Logan, don't you ever get tired of saying, "I never meant to hurt you?"

Case? Why, yes, there was a case this week. Bonnie, who you may remember from both Tim and Dick, comes to Veronica wanting to know who slipped her RU-486. It wasn't either of the two possible fathers, it wasn't Bonnie's evangelist father, the CFO of his ministries, or Doug the Nervous Guy, who's taken time off from his coroner job to send literature to patrons of a women's clinic. No, it was Bonnie's roommate, who rightly points out that both possible fathers kind of suck, and who gave her the pill to keep her from making what she considered a big mistake. The most important thing we learn in the course of this storyline is that Tim is also investigating Dean O'Dell's death. I can only imagine that this means Tim and the Marses are going to be teaming up at some point. Awesome?

And in the Dean O'Dell case, not much happens. Veronica finds an earwitness through Tim's dossiers, and Mindy claims that she had the Volvo at the Grand on the night the dean was killed. The dried bits of egg on the Volvo suggest otherwise. Also, Mindy appears to be trying to seduce Keith. I may be mistaken, but when a character calls another character over because she hears an intruder downstairs who turns out to be her ex, and then invites the guy to stay for drinks, that's usually a big flashing warning sign. Not that the people on TV see it, though.

Meanwhile, it's Mac's birthday, even though we don't see her. But I'm not worried about her. It's Wallace I'm ready to call out the search dogs for. We have yet to see him in 2007, and while I don't want to have to start WallaceWatch '07, if he doesn't show up next week, I'll have no choice. Although, if I had to start up a watch for every cast member who misses more than one episode of Veronica Mars, I'd never get anything else done.


tiff said...

I'm so over it too. Logan was always a screw-up, why is Veronica acting like he's going to magically change?

Robin said...

Add another to the tired of Veronica/Logan club. When did Logan get so ineffective and whiny? Didn't he used to break shit and blow things up with Dick when he got depressed? Yeah, he's less of a jackass, but he's just not interesting.

And is it just me or is it weird that Veronica's blaming Madison for the drugging and raping. Madison was Dick's intended victim of the GHB (or whatever drug it was) and didn't know she was passing it on to Veronica. Yes, she's a truly comtemptable human being, but I wouldn't blame her for Veronica getting raped.