Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Heroes: And There Was Much Rejoicing

No Peter this week! Wherever he is, I'm sure we can safely assume that Claude is continuing to chuck him off buildings. Keep up the good work, Claude. Meanwhile, Claire sees Nathan and hears him decline any contact with her, and Sylar meets up with Mohinder just after stealing the ability to liquefy stuff. Man, these superpowers are becoming less and less useful. Liquefying stuff? How is that ever going to come in handy? If Sylar feels the need to kill him for that power, instead of being all, "Uh, you keep it," he must really be feeling Pokémonnish about these powers. Gotta catch 'em all!

Also meanwhile:

Hiro/Ando: Back in Vegas, the duo run into a showgirl with a story about an abusive boyfriend and a bag she needs back, and Ando, whose superpower is now manifesting itself as a weakness for the ladies, immediately volunteers to help her. But the showgirl's using them, and when Hiro confronts her, he gets called – I think – "Sulu" (ha!) and locked in a closet for his trouble. What I love about their storyline this week is the role reversal, as Ando throws all of Hiro's hero axioms back at him while Hiro grumps around. Sweet!

Jessica/Matt: Strike up the band! Ring the bells in every village square! Shout "bravo" at an annoyingly loud volume! Matt Parkman finally gets an engaging storyline! Hooray! His non-time-wasting plot involves a gig as bodyguard for a former Linderman henchman, and I'm sure you can guess which freakishly strong blonde Linderman's tapped to kill him. (Uh, no, not Elliot.) So, yeah, Matt fails miserably at his assignment, as his charge dies and he gets defenestrated, but I can't really fault him for that. Jessica is one evil chick, after all. Plus, he finally gets something interesting to do. I cannot stress that enough. What I can fault him for happens later: as always, no one believes Crazy Parkman's stories, so Matt, in a fit of "If I were Jack Bauer, they'd believe me" pique, steals a whole bag of diamonds. Well, at least Matt is consistent, in that he consistently makes bad decisions. And he did finally get some real use out of his power. I was getting really tired of him only reading people's minds to hear how much they think he sucks.


tiff said...

well before he stole those bag of diamonds, he kinda did suck!

I missed Peter, but maybe he's off getting a mysterious haircut.

I loved the softer side of Nathan Petrelli! I'm starting to be ultra-creeped by his mom, yes?

"pokemonnish" best use of animation term..ever! Maybe if the gun was pointed at you, you could melt it before they could shoot?

Lori said...

Ah, the Mysterious Haircut, foretold by Isaac's paintings, which will finally get that damn hair out of Peter's face. Man, I hope he's off getting that.