Friday, February 09, 2007

Scrubs: ROAD TRIP!

Last night's Scrubs was hilarious as always, with some actual drama thrown in for funsies. Best part: Dr. Kelso's retirement RV is full of kimonos. Most shocking part: JD's baby-momma claims she had a miscarriage and causes them to break up, but she's really still pregnant. (!!!) That's just totally uncool. Or...totally "Dorian." Pregnant women are crazy, yo.

Dr. Cox and Jordan's baby is having some trouble in the womb, and needs emergency surgery. Did anyone else envision that creepy stomach-bursting moment from Alien when the fetus's hand reached out and grabbed Turk? Ew/yikes. I wonder if this means they're going with the special needs child angle John C. McGinley was hoping for. If so, bravo, Bill Lawrence.