Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Glowy Box Mailbag: Back by Popular Demand!

It’s that time again…time for the Glowy Box Mailbag! You ask Google questions, and Google sends you here, where we answer them belatedly. So without further ado, your best questions to Google this week:

Q: will veronica and logan get back together

A: As usual, my psychic powers are on the fritz, but my Magic 8-Ball says, “Why don’t you just keep watching the show and find out for yourself, buddy?”

Q: desperate housewives what happened Kayla

A: Great question! I’m guessing that Lynette realized a few weeks ago that Kayla is a total psychopath, and had her shipped off to an institution of some sort. Possibly the one where Paul kept Zach all drugged up and harmless those many seasons ago.

Q: what happened to JD’s baby in scrubs

A: First off, shame on you for not watching and finding out for yourself! However, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you had a hot date that night, and an unexpected power surge shorted out your DVR. Essentially, Kim lied to JD and told him that she had a miscarriage in order to see if they were just together because of her pregnancy. Turns out, they were. But unbeknownst to JD, Kim is still pregnant with his child! (Dum dum DUUUUM…)

Q: who sings the theme song for america’s next top model

A: According to Wikipedia, the “Wanna Be on Top” theme song is sung by none other than Miss Tyra Banks herself (and produced by Rodney Jerkins). Who knew?!

Q: why did matt and ashley break up

A: Hmm. That’s a toughie. I honestly have no clue who Matt and Ashley are, but I’m going to guess they broke up because he’s just not that into her. Or because he slept with her high school enemy (or maybe that hot copy girl) while they were on a break. Or because she wanted to go to LA for the summer to study art. Or because a crazy dentist ran over him and he lost his memory. The possibilities are endless!

That’s it for this week’s installment of the Glowy Box Mailbag. Thanks for asking Google!


Colleen said...

This is clever, but im still confused as to how it works...

Liz said...

Um, thanks! Basically, we have a program (Site Meter) that shows us what people click on to get to our site (a link to us on another blog, for example).

If someone searches for something on Google (for example, "heroes hiro"), and we show up as a result, and they click through to our site, Site Meter shows us not only that the person came from Google, but what their search terms were. Thus we know that people searching for "heroes hiro" are sometimes referred to our site. Scary how little privacy you have, no?

Anyway, lots of people actually use questions as their search terms in Google (for example "what happened to hiro on heroes"), and I aim to be "helpful" by answering those question-asking people who are referred to us through Google. Make sense?