Saturday, October 21, 2006

CSI: Bizarre Love Triangle

This week's episode is about why you should never get involved with a priest: specifically, because your jealous ex-lover and the father of your unborn baby will kill you, tie you to a cross, and hoist you from the rafters of said priest's church. Huh, look at that, I just gave you the entire plot.

Yes, after the excitement of Greg's beat down last week, we are given a fairly uninteresting episode. Greg himself is back at work, still with those ugly bruises, but otherwise okay. He and Catherine, whose father apparently did die, bond over work therapy. It's the CSI way, after all; once you've experienced a traumatic event, you bury it so deep inside you that it can never, ever come out, until the pain and grief finally suffocate under the crushing weight of denial. Greg's on the road to recovery!

And remember how I told you last week that Vicellous Shannon had something in store for Greg? Yeah, well, I still think so, but we didn't see him this week. You know, they'd better use him soon, or else the CSI viewers will forget all about Greg's beat down. Because the show will never mention it again.