Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rock the HOUSE (Get it? Get it?)

Finally, that pesky World Series is over (not like anyone watched it anyway). No more easy Tuesday nights watching Veronica Mars without conflict. No more late-night reruns on USA Network just to get my grumpy doctor fix. No, my cane withdrawal ends tonight as House returns to Fox at 9 o'clock.

To celebrate the long-awaited return of Hugh Laurie to my television (yeah, I missed his SNL appearance...rrgh), here's a clip of his band, Band From TV, playing at a post-Emmy party this year. For those unfamiliar with its genius, the band features Hugh Laurie on keyboard, James Denton on guitar, and Greg Grunberg on drums. The sound may be bad, and Greg Grunberg may be hard to spot, but the good Dr. House is up close and personal in some rockin' sunglasses. I assume Wilson is off-camera in the front row, screaming and throwing his bra onstage.