Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Veronica Mars: Hello, Goodbye

With so much attention being paid to the new faces and exciting happenings at Hearst College, it's nice to know that Veronica Mars hasn't entirely forgotten about old friends like Weevil, who shows up this week. But the show either has too much action or too many actors, because there's a bit of a rotating cast this year. Weevil shows up; Wallace, Mac, and Parker get the week off. Considering how the credits got beefed up for this season, it's not too surprising. I mean, how much have we seen of Lamb so far? And yet, the credits tell us he's a regular. Did the actors get organized over the summer or something?

The case this week is nominally about a missing football playbook, although Veronica spends just as much time and energy tracking Logan's movements to determine if he's really worth it as a boyfriend. He never wants to hang out with her; he'd much rather party, or spend his time at an underground gambling club, or hang out with tools like Dick and the jerk who runs said underground gambling club. Doesn't really sound like boyfriend material to me. This is one of those weeks where Logan is only a step up from Dick. But she likes him anyway, probably because he's pretty, and once they apologize to each other and everything is fine again, they get it on in the library while she's at work. She must have a really nice boss.

Also this episode, Veronica sets up her future relationship with Dean Begley, Jr. He threatens her with explusion, and, of course, she ends up wangling a job for Weevil by the end of the hour. And the rapist strikes again. Anyone else suspecting the feminists? Just kidding. Although... they are getting a lot of exposure out of this whole thing. Hey, it may sound crazy, but remember who was behind the bus crash last season, and who ended up being Veronica's rapist.