Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Gilmore Girls: It's not me, it's you.

Well, after four good years (I didn't start watching until the second season, and last season was far from "good"), Gilmore Girls and I are finally calling it quits. We've been on the rocks for a while, ever since Rory stopped being a cool smartie and started being a whiny, boy-crazy fool. We even stopped talking when Luke's long-lost daughter popped up, turning Lorelei, one of my favorite characters on TV, into a mopey doormat.

I even cheated on Gilmore Girls a little last season with that trashy slut, American Idol. But hey, we were on a break! I always said I'd return to Stars Hollow and settle down. In the back of my mind, though, I knew it wasn't meant to last.

When I heard that Amy Sherman-Palladino was leaving for sunnier climes, I thought maybe it would give me and the Girls a fresh start--a new lease on our relationship. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case. The romance is gone. Things I once found charming about Gilmore Girls - Kirk's kooky shenanigans, for example - I now find stale and vaguely annoying. The main plotlines have grown overly angsty (and the townsfolk plotlines have gone from quirky to ridiculous in an attempt to compensate), and the once-delightful characters are now weighed down with all kinds of baggage.

So long, Gilmore Girls. Maybe I'll hear great things about the rest of your new season and we'll have a torrid fling on DVD. Until then, I'll enjoy the good old times in syndication on ABC Family.


Lori said...

Yeah, Kirk is no longer funny. I mean, he crashes his car into Luke's diner and then says he's going to sue Luke? I don't understand how Luke can punch Christopher in the face and not do the same for Kirk. Or Taylor.

Liz said...

If Luke went on a killing spree in Stars Hollow, I would a) be sympathetic, and b) start watching again.

Anonymous said...

I finished the sixth season...and the seventh one isnt out in stores yet so i was rory and jess get back together or friends?? Someone p,z leave a post.



Liz said...

They don't end up together.