Monday, October 30, 2006

Studio 60: The End is Near? Maybe? Possibly?

Just days after NBC announced an order for additional episodes, people are sounding the death knell for Studio 60. The speculation, already reaching fever pitch online, is largely based upon a poorly-written Fox News column which says, "It's likely NBC will pull the plug shortly I am told by insiders." Oh, the anonymous source-ity and missing comma-ness of it all!

First off, I wouldn't necessarily consider Fox News a credible news source, doubly so when they're writing about something created by Aaron Sorkin, whom they have to be at least a little biased against. Although to be fair, when have we ever known Fox News to show bias? Secondly, if the show were already virtually cancelled, what's up with NBC ponying up for new episodes?

That said, I wouldn't be surprised if Studio 60 was deservedly put on hiatus during sweeps, or punted to a less fabulous timeslot (especially if Friday Night Lights does well in its place tonight). Last week's episode was not only bad, it was downright insulting. Plus, the show is incredibly expensive to make. Why would NBC keep a show on the air that's not really a success critically OR in the real world?

But the show has so much potential that I think it would be a mistake for NBC to pull the plug entirely without giving Aaron Sorkin a chance to shape things up, which I'm assuming is why they ordered the new episodes. Then, if the new scripts aren't up to snuff, it's time for Deal or No Deal II in the post-Heroes timeslot (God help us). Thus, I'm calling the funeral march (slightly) premature. Back to your stations, everyone!

Update - 10/31: NBC told MediaDaily News that Studio 60, while still being closely scrutinized, is NOT cancelled, contrary to what Fox News reported.