Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Veronica Mars: Sorry, Dandy Warhols

A long time ago
The theme used to be good
But I haven't heard it here lately at all
Come on now, sugar
Bring it back, bring it back, yeah
Just remember it when
The theme used to be good
A long time ago
The theme used to be good

Now that's out of the way. On to business. So Veronica begins her investigation into the campus rapist because of her guilt at letting Parker's rape happen. Because she wouldn't sympathize with rape victims anyway? I'm sorry, but I don't think she needs the reason. I think she has a personal incentive to solve the case even without her guilt, and so giving her this reason ignores her personal reason, as a rape victim, to solve the case. Anyway, the school newspaper hires her to investigate the sorority that Parker was partying at the night she was raped. Because nothing on this show is ever what it seems, Veronica discovers the sorority is actually pretty cool, and that pot in their basement is totally medicinal, you guys. Damn you, Veronica Mars. Why couldn't you just let us feel good about not liking sororities?

And because Logan and Wallace need something to do, too, they participate in a recreation of the Stanford prison experiment run by their sociology professor, Homer Simpson. All you need to know is: Rider Strong returns triumphantly to TV (triumphantly, I said. On no planet is Pepper Dennis a triumphant return), and Logan goes streaking. I suspect the entire subplot may have been an excuse for naked, masked Logan.

Sadly, no one addresses the real mystery of the night: where is Piz? After such a strong showing last week, he disappears completely from this week's episode. Come on, Veronica Mars. You spend all that time on Logan- and Wallace-related shenanigans, you even throw in Lamb (which, okay, it's nice to see him), but there's no love for Piz? I'm not saying shoehorn him in where he won't fit, but at least let us know that he hasn't fallen through a rip in the space-time continuum or anything. (...He hasn't, has he?)


Liz said...

Woah, woah, WOAH. Before we go calling the entire sorority "pretty cool," let's remember the acapella singing and flowered dresses. And also the possible complicity in Parker's rape (room keys). I'd say that one girl was pretty cool.

And damn, I don't know much about medical marijuana, but how the hell much do you need for one person?

Lori said...

Hey, the acapella singing was just a front. But yeah, I agree that it was really only the one girl who was cool. The sorority is still pretty sketchy. I don't care how bad Veronica feels about it.