Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Heroes: Future Shock

There is a true heir to Alias this season, and it's Heroes. It's not only picking up the action/adventure slack, but several other kinds of slack as well. Let's review. Supergirl leading a double life? Check. Intricate mythology? Check. Skeevy father figure who's up to no good? Check. Lovable geek? Check. Greg Grunberg? Check. What else could one ask for, except a bad-ass daddy? (Come on, Papa Suresh! I know you're not dead!)

Finally, the characters start to intersect. Peter meets Mohinder, Matt gets experimented on by Glasses Man and his bald buddy Possible D.L. (who can block Matt's power and, it seems, erase memories too), and Niki and Nathan hook up. And I mean hook up. Although it's probably her mirror pal who actually does the hooking up. Ah, it's so sweet when evil finds each other. And then Glasses Man and Possible D.L. abduct one of them. Which one? That's how they keep you tuning in.

Claire: She recovers about as well as you'd expect from the whole autopsy thing, and luckily/sketchily, the quarterback tried to hide her body, so she's registered as a Jane Doe and no one is the wiser. At first she refuses to say anything about the assault, but when she realizes that he's raped before and isn't likely to stop, she drives his car into a wall. With him in it. I mean, rape is bad and all, but… that seems a little extreme. Even Stabler only beats rapists senseless.

Hiro: The Hiro/Ando Road Trip '06 stops over in Vegas, where we learn that Ando speaks English and is a bad gambler. Once Hiro stops time to help him win, Bad Influence Ando convinces him to keep doing it. Which of course gets them in trouble with the casino and with a poker player and his thugs. Clearly, no one ever told them the cardinal rule of cheating, which is that you're not supposed to win all the time.

Mohinder/Peter: Peter is a leech. But seriously, he can copy other people's powers. Mohinder, however, is conveniently skeptical this week, so Peter has to take him to Isaac's to try to convince him. But Isaac is too busy shooting up and painting Claire running away from a huge shadow, and Peter strikes out. On the way back, time stops on the subway. Some guy tells Peter, "You look different without your scar," and holy crap, it's Hiro! From the future! Like, all ninja tricked out with a katana and no glasses and a soul patch and speaking English! But I wouldn't recommend getting too attached to Futuristic Ninja Hiro, as cool as he is. He's most likely from some post-apocalyptic future that they're supposed to prevent. It has to be post-apocalyptic if he's not a geek.

I've got to say, the more I see of where all this is going, the more I like this show. I'm excited to see how they all come together to save Claire and the world. And it's really cool how they blow your mind a little every week. Last week the autopsy, this week future Hiro... what's next?


brenda said...

Awesome episode! And now I know why I like this show - it's Alias reincarnated! Thanks, Lori! I'm afraid we're going to come up short on the Awesome Daddy, tho. We have seen Papa Suresh's ashes, you know. I know Alias had people come back from the dead, but not after they'd been fried up & put in a little jar.

Futuristic Hiro was so cool, I'm willing to suffer an apocalytic future just to see him!

Lori said...

Hey, we never actually saw Papa Suresh dead. And remember, Mohinder said his ashes were misfiled. Misfiled... or not really his ashes? My guess is, he's not really dead, and the bad guys know he's not dead, so they sent Neighbor Girl to try to get to Papa Suresh through Mohinder.

You read Snow Crash, right? Did you see a little bit of Hiro Protagonist in Futuristic Hiro?