Friday, October 27, 2006

Ugly Betty: It's the Great Manwhore, Charlie Brown

It's an early Halloween on Ugly Betty, and as you can imagine, Marc and Justin have the best costumes, as Betty and Gene Kelly in On the Town, respectively. Betty, a butterfly, is sent flitting around the city by Daniel on a mission to find a watch he left at one of his conquests' apartments. This plot only exists to illustrate this week's theme: Daniel should really cut down on all the random sex. Bradford, Betty, and Daniel's rehabbing mother (played with magnificent haughtiness by Judith Light) all tell him so, and the point is driven home by the fact that all Daniel's ladies are crazy. Ladies, the reason he hasn't called you is because he's a manwhore. You didn't know this? Of course, the one with the watch is Amanda, and she's waiting desperately for him to give up his manwhoring ways and notice her. This early in the show, I doubt it. This would be the sort of thing they would wait until at least season three for.

Betty, meanwhile, is torn between two guys: her boyfriend Walter and Henry from accounting. Betty, this is no choice at all. One of them broke up with you to hook up with the neighborhood slut, and the other is sweetly dorky and played by Christopher Gorham, who is hot. Hot! Unfortunately, Betty chooses poorly, deciding to stay with Walter. Stupid show, getting my hopes up. I thought they had finally provided an alternative to Walter, but no; they're still trying to make us like the whiny, needy guy.

In "Oh, the drama" news, Fey and Bradford had a 20-year affair, Wilhelmina has a daughter, and Papa Suarez doesn't have a social security number because he's an illegal. But come on, who watches the show for all that? I watch the show because of scenes like the ones between Marc and Christina, all rapid-fire Scots and snarky comebacks. Well, hell, a scene with Marc and anyone is fabulous, but Christina makes a worthy foe. Well played, Christina.


brenda said...

Yes, yes, and again yes, Lori. Who couldn't see Dad as an illegal coming? And who cares?

Marc & Justin continue to steal the show. And Judith Light? Who knew she could act? Fabulous!

And who in her right mind wouldn't dump Whiny Walter for Hunky Henry?

But I must say - Amanda's mad face? Excellent!

They need to forget the serious side & just have fun with this show!

Lori said...

I agree completely. This show is so much fun to watch, and I hate it when they try to inject drama or morality into it (like Betty the Judgmental Butterfly did last night). I mean, I get that they're trying to make it soapy, but I'd rather they stuck with the over-the-top stuff, like Non-Dead Fey's Revenge, and dispense with Papa Suarez's HMO Woes.

And I'm loving Amanda more and more. Not only does she have a great mad face, but she has a fabulous sashaying walk.