Tuesday, October 17, 2006

No TV and No Beer Make Liz Something Something

It's day six of the Great Cable Outage of '06 in my new apartment, and I am, in fact, going crazy. A small sample of the shows I have missed so far: Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, Studio 60, and tonight (sob) Veronica Mars. And, sadly, my internet is not up to the task of streaming all that televised goodness to my laptop. Another few days and I'll resort to reading recaps. For now, I'm just avoiding like the plague any conversation of what's happened on TV since last Wednesday, so it'll still surprise me when I finally get caught up.

Only one thing (well, one thing and my pride) has kept me from banging on some stranger's door in my building and demanding that they let me watch Heroes on their TV ("No, you don't understand--she was on an autopsy table with her guts spilling out! And she woke up! I HAVE TO WATCH!!!")--Season Three of Arrested Development on my computer. It's amazing how many new little jokes I've noticed, even though this is the third or fourth time I've watched most of the episodes.

Still, as awesome as Arrested Development is, this can't go on much longer or I'll spend the whole weekend catching up on everything I missed. Plus, Lori will stage a coup, appoint herself sole blogger, and change all the passwords. So hear me now, Comcast: You better show up between 9 and 12 tomorrow morning, as promised, or you will FEEL MY WRATH!

Plus side: I'm getting digital cable and DVR. Rock!!!


Anonymous said...

OH poor you Liz. Losing cable connection. That is my WORST nightmare. Seriously. (okay. I must live a pretty good life if that's my worst nightmare but if anybody would agree, I'm sure it is you, my fellow TV addict!). funny though cause Im missing everything this week cause of damn plans. Trying to get a life is way overated, I want to vegetate on my couch again.

Liz said...

Ah, yes, the "plans getting in the way of tv" issue is what I hope to resolve with the DVR.

Yeah, I feel dumb being like "No TV! It's a disaster!," but it really does suck! There's nothing sadder than going home, making dinner, and settling down to eat and watch Scrubs reruns on Comedy Central, only to turn the TV on and just see snow. SO SAD.

I guess I could treat this as a reminder that I totally am an addict, and should be reading books or something, but instead it's kind of a reminder of how awesome TV is, and how I never want to be without it again...at least during the exciting first few weeks of the fall season!

Lori said...

The revolution will be televised! Freedom!

No, really, I know how you feel. I didn't have cable connected for the first couple of days in my apartment, and I didn't have internet either, so I was going crazy. Don't feel bad about loving TV. TV is love.

liylak said...

Oh hun -- deep breaths. And stream the Comcast youtube video that was so big last spring. Just for giggles.

cpowers said...

Go crazy?

Liz said...

Don't mind if I do!!!

With your support, fellow TV-lovers, I have made it through this difficult week. I'm happy to say that after three and a half hours of waiting around this morning, the Comcast guy FINALLY showed and got my cable and internet up and running, just in time for Top Model and Project Runway tonight. Phew!