Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Heroes: Waffles!

I love this show, because it's one of the few that can surprise me. Like Nathan? He doesn't just fly, he breaks the sound barrier. Awesome! I suspect that by next season we'll all be over this sort of thing and complaining that the show has hit a sophomore slump, but for right now, it's pretty damn cool.

Hiro: He doesn't have much to do this week aside from be cute and prove that waffles are always funny. Done and done! Oh, and he also temporarily breaks up with Ando and befriends Nathan. Mostly, though: waffles!

Claire: She tells her bad dad about Quarterman being a rapist, so Glasses Man gets his pal Possible D.L. to wipe Quarterman's memory so he can make something better of his life. I guess he believes in nurture, not nature?

Matt: Possible D.L. wipes a day from his memory and thoughtfully drops him on the couch, considering that's where he'd be sleeping anyway. But surprise, the wife actually does care where he's been, so Matt uses his power for "aww" and gives his wife the perfect date. And then he has to go and ruin everything by running out to a convenience store and eavesdropping on a robber's thoughts. He talks him out of it, and then – oh, Matt – picks up the gun. So that everyone thinks he's robbing the store. Listen, writers: either give Matt something to do in the main story arc or make him less of an idiot, because right now I'm not having any trouble seeing how he flunked the detective test three times. Some people are bad test takers, true, but some people are stupid. And I hate that I'm saying this about Greg Grunberg. Damn you, Heroes.

Niki: She 'fesses up to Nathan about the whole hooker thing, and for some reason, this slick politician is completely shocked that she would lie to him! He thought they had something special! That he doesn't have with his wife! Wow, who knew he had pearls to clutch? Also, the cops show up looking for D.L., and D.L. shows up looking for her.

Peter: Future Hiro tells him that saving Claire is the only way to prevent what will happen, hence the phrase "Save the cheerleader, save the world." I think we'll all be heartily sick of that phrase in a few weeks. So, without Mohinder, he goes back to Isaac's, where he finds the cheerleader in his paintings. Well done, Peter, now can you find Waldo? After siphoning off Isaac's power to finish a painting of a shadow over a bloody cheerleader, he gets a call from Hiro and tells him he has a message for him. Dude, if Hiro's turned on a TV at all during the past week, he knows what the message is.

A note on Possible D.L. vs. Actual D.L.: Now that we've finally seen Actual D.L., I'm not convinced that he's the same guy as Possible D.L. They look similar, but the previews from next week suggest that Actual D.L.'s power is different, i.e. walking through walls (a useful power for an escaped con), rather than memory-wiping. Anybody else have any guesses one way or the other?


sagejenn said...

Hello, I've been a lurker but I have to confess both a love for Heroes and a tendency to procrastinate by reading television blogs (mostly yours and Television Without Pity).

According to IMDB, there are definitely two different actors who play DL (Leonard Roberts) and the Glasses Man's sidekick (Jimmy Jean-Louis), so I'm not sure we can draw a connection between the two yet.

Thank you for the summaries--they're terrific!

brenda said...

OK, I'm the stupid viewer that can be fooled all the time. I thought DL & the memory wipe guy were the same. Good thing someone was paying attention (thanks, Lori & sagejenn). And Heroes writers - fiendishly clever!

Loved Hiro & the waffles. Also the fact that Nathan hurt his feet skidding to a stop - super powers should have some limitations, after all.

Lori said...

Ah, thank you, sagejenn. That does make sense. I wish the show wouldn't cast so many similar-looking actors, though. The proliferation of dark-haired guys means that the only guy you can positively identify in Isaac's paintings is Hiro, and that's only because of the glasses.