Friday, October 20, 2006

Ugly Betty: Evil Marc Makes Good TV

This week, it's all about the assistants. The episode belongs to Amanda, Betty, and, best of all, Marc. Yay Marc! The three of them all end up leaking a portion of Mode's Christmas fashion spread to a guy who works at rival Isabelle magazine, and Isabelle steals the entire spread. You guys, it's not a big loss. The spread is serious ugly. It's this ridiculous "post-apocalyptic Christmas" spread, with barren deserts, a Planet of the Apes-style Statue of Liberty, and models dressed in camo with short-short flak jackets. Merry Fugmas!

So now everyone's a suspect. Amanda deals with the pressure by overeating, including sucking down an entire pan of flan, and Marc takes hits off his inhaler every five minutes. Betty, being Betty, decides she has to tell Daniel, despite the fact that everyone is telling her to keep quiet. This includes her dad and Daniel himself, who refuses to hear her confession because he doesn't want to lose her as an assistant. Aww. Of course she doesn't listen and comes clean to Wilhelmina about it, because this show is like your mom and wants you to have some nutritious morals with your junk food TV. Everything works out for the best, as it always does, because Fat Carol is the slutty, slutty real leaker. See, Betty? You could have lied and said Fat Carol did it like the others did, because she really did do it. Don't you feel silly?

Yeah, and some other stuff happens with Daniel finding out about the affair that Bradford was having with Fey, and also the attempted murder, but mostly, lots of Marc! He even gets a chance to be not so evil, bonding with Betty's nephew Justin and giving him advice on how to survive school while being fabulously gay. "Be who you are, wear what you want… just learn how to run really fast." Turns out I like Marc even when he's being sweet, but don't get me wrong, I still love the evil.

Most Hilarious/Horrifying Exchange of the Night:
Wilhelmina: Do you know how many curly-haired, effete sycophants there are lined up to replace you?
Marc: I know, you have five of them on speed dial.
Nooooo! You can't replace him! There is only one Evil Marc!


Liz said...

I caught the last five or ten minutes, and that little nephew is so cute! I'll try and get all caught up and start DVRing, 'cause this show a) looks good, and b) looks like it's gonna stick around (unlike that heartbreaker The Nine)

Lori said...

Yeah, Justin's the greatest, except for Marc. And you should totally watch, because the show doesn't just look good, it is good. And it's hilarious. Watch watch watch!

brenda said...

The Fab 5 are so passe. Let's have a show with Marc & Justin!