Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Heroes: Grunberg's back, everyone!

We've already discussed on this blog the many ways in which Greg Grunberg rocks, including out loud, and all of you who know him already love him, so I'm not going to preach to the choir here. On Alias, Agent Eric Weiss was an island of affable normalcy - sanity, even - in a sea of tortured characters and mythic events. Unfortunately, things are not looking good for Officer Matt Parkman being the same here. Although it could just be because he's having a really bad day. He's stuck directing traffic outside of a crime scene, he's flunked the detective test for the third time, he and his wife are in counseling, and when he uses his telepathic ability to find the little girl hiding in the house, he's treated like a suspect and arrested. Worst of all, he doesn't even appear in the episode until 40 minutes in, and that for only about five minutes. Listen up, Heroes writers: please, please don't make Matt another one of those angsty characters. That's not where Greg Grunberg shines, and that's not why we love him. You've got a really funny, charming actor here. If you're going the "born loser" route with Matt, it's cool, as long as you let him crack a joke once in a while. Please?

On to the big arcs. Last week, I thought Glasses Man only adopted Claire because of her ability, or, at least, her potential ability. And while that may be true, Glasses Man and Claire actually had some pretty nice scenes together. So maybe he really does love her. Except that he did get all sinister at the end when watching her videotape. So I'm completely perplexed. And I love it. Also, there's a serial killer named Sylar out there, "made" by Papa Suresh, and he likes to saw the tops of people's heads off and take their brains. Is Glasses Man too obvious a suspect?

Niki's storyline is getting more appealing, because I still have no idea what's going on with that and I'm hoping for a good payoff. Mama Petrelli cements her position as Worst Mother Ever by telling Peter that he's her favorite. First, most mothers, if they can choose at all, know better than that, and second, it's Peter. Petey Petulant gets up on the roof and threatens to jump again if Nathan doesn't tell him what happened, so of course he does, and of course they both flew. I'm so tired of Peter, I'm already looking forward to five weeks from now, when he and the rest of New York gets nuked. Just ask Hiro, he was there.


Anonymous said...

Right on! What is with Niki? She's the only one so far who's ability hasn't been pretty obvious. I am completely stumped. In the end, there are two possible outcomes for my stumpedness...1) build up to a profound epiphany (on the part of both Niki and the audience) 2) build up with an amazing let down. Here's hoping for number 1.

Lori said...

See, that's the thing. It's great to have mysteries, but then they've got to have a good payoff. I hope they're learning from the mistakes Lost has made. I don't want to see this show go the same way.