Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kidnapped: Not cool, you guys

Leopold is still smart, and Conrad's past is still coming back to haunt him. But what I find most perplexing is this subplot with Knapp and the lighter-flicking inmate, the one who looks like Bill Gates. Bill seems to be in charge of providing Knapp's backstory bit by bit, because he tells us that he kidnapped his own sister and Knapp never found her (which clearly haunts him), and that Knapp left the FBI due to "mental exhaustion." Which, coincidentally, is what I'm getting from Bill. He talks in circles, never getting to the point, and mysteriously knows a lot. I think he might be trying to do "criminal genius," but it comes off more like "irritating little brother."

Remember how I told you last week that Aubrey wasn't as smart as her brother? Yeah, she's also a complete brat. She can't understand why her parents have to act like nothing's wrong, and she complains about them constantly and speculates that she's adopted. She tells her stoner friend about the kidnapping and he tells his friend, who goes on to threaten Ellie at the party. And she's snide to the very cool Agent Atkins. However, it's that very special kind of snide that, combined with some other incidents, including a half-naked one, makes it clear the writers are trying to set up some sort of flirtation between them. That is... the only words I have to adequately express my thoughts about that are "not cool." Not only is it completely inappropriate, but Aubrey spends the entire episode acting like a spoiled child, and not even Bill deserves to be saddled with that.

Also? Atkins can teleport. Just like Hiro. I'm serious. One scene, he's in the Cains' apartment, being snotted at by Aubrey and tasked with taking her to Barney's. Two seconds later, he's in a briefing at the FBI. Either the continuity guys are slacking off, or Atkins can teleport. And since I like Atkins, I'm going with the teleporation angle.


brenda said...

I see the network is dumping this show to Saturday night. The ratings say much about the intelligence of the general TV audience. Most folks are not willing to hang in there through the complex plot angles. Too bad. I'm finding it interesting. Aubrey did redeem herself with the toast at the end, in my book. Way to uphold the family honor.