Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Most Interesting Part

Unless you've been living without cable or Internet access (but then, how are you reading this blog?), you've no doubt heard the announcement by T.R. Knight, of Grey's Anatomy fame, that he is gay. When I first heard this story, I admit, I thought it was a non-story. Yeah, so? I couldn't believe the news promo that my local ABC station ran during Grey's Anatomy on Thursday night. The announcer, in the same urgent tone used for "this household product can kill you!" and "warehouse on fire!" declared, "Grey's Anatomy star drops a bombshell!" You guys, he doesn't contain mercury. Settle down.

But I can't pretend that I don't care at all, because the fact is, the announcement did change my perception of him. First, I have to respect him for having the courage to come out. Second, the article that I read mentioned his guest spot on CSI. This shocked me, because I know almost every episode, and I didn't remember him. So I looked it up, and now I have to love him more. The episode is called "XX," and it features Knight as Zero, the mentally disabled brother of a guy who loses his entire custodial fund while gambling, and tries to make it up to Zero by killing himself and trying to make it look like a murder so his brother can get the insurance money. But the CSIs find out, and Zero is left alone and penniless. And from what I remember, Knight was heartbreaking. I really need to find that episode and watch it again, because damn, T.R. Damn.

Knight expressed in his interview the worry that his sexuality would become the most interesting part of him. I'm just one fan, T.R., but if it helps, it isn't for me. You are the guy who can make me laugh for five minutes, just because of the expression on his face ("What's this? Why, it's ANOTHER awesome B-movie!"), or who can break my icy, cynical heart with a scene I still remember two and a half years later. That is the most interesting part of you.


Liz said...

Oh my god! He was Zero! I totally didn't put that together.

I think what's unfortunate about the situation is the circumstances of his outing--the rumor is that Isaiah Washington used a gay slur in reference to T.R. during his much-reported fight with Patrick Dempsey, and I guess T.R. was kind of forced to address his sexual orientation with the media.

Lori said...

It is unfortunate, especially because, as he says, he's a private person and he'd rather not talk about it. So it sucks that he was forced into it, but I hope it works out for the best.

The whole thing does make Isaiah Washington look like a jerk, though.

Anonymous said...

totally sad the way it had to come about but secretly it makes me happy (um, you know, cause now my chances are that much better!?!?) Still, I hope they don't turn George gay just because. It's called ACTING people and TR Knight is convincing and terrific.

Liz said...

SO agreed on the not turning George gay thing, Vance. A couple other blogs were talking about the prospects there, and I was like nooo! It's just so unfair for the actor to be forced into a box like that just because of who he is outside of the show.

Lori said...

Totally! We love George the way he is. Now if they could just give him a girlfriend who doesn't suck.