Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Studio 60: Shut Up, Sorkin.

Oh, man. I love the show, and I love Aaron Sorkin and all, but is he actively trying to alienate viewers? I can get over the contrived crap (reminiscing with the old writer who happened to wander into the studio, finding the genius black comedian during open mike after the crappy headliner), but the intellectual superiority vibe is starting to get to me.

I mean, I'd like to consider myself intellectual, and I don't think anyone would question my liberal credentials, but even I got pissed off at the whole segment with Tom's parents. They're from Ohio, so they don't "get" smart comedy, or history, or culture, or minorities, or anything not related to fighting for your country. And they work for a living, so why should they pay attention to any of that stuff? Jesus Christ, Sorkin! I mean, having lived in Ohio, I can't say a lot to recommend it, but it's incredibly insulting to explain away ignorance by saying, "They're from Ohio."

I loved The West Wing despite its preachiness (okay, it was preaching everything I believed in already, so that's easy to forgive), and I love Studio 60 despite the fact that it's a mouthpiece for Aaron Sorkin to bitch about everything that's wrong with Hollywood (again, we're mostly in agreement there, and it's a great show otherwise). But damn, Sorkin, you are not going to keep this show on the air by insulting everyone who doesn't live on a coast. When Ohio insults annoy even me, you know you've gone too far.

P.S. Drunk Jordan = Kind of awesome.


Anonymous said...

Oh good. Not just me. I don't want to say something bad about Studio 60 to give non-viewers the wrong idea, because it deserves to be watched, but yes, what is Aaron Sorkin thinking?

On a side note, Liz, to respond to your message about the thea-tah... there are deals for Company and Evil Dead right now (I think can be found on playbill.com and nytimes theatre club (both free)) for cheaper tix! always good!

Lori said...

Oh, silly Liz, clearly you didn't "get" the episode because you lived in Ohio for a couple of years. You know Ohio infects everything it touches with cultural ignorance.

Seriously, Sorkin: my dad was born and raised in Ohio and he loves Sports Night. Ohioans (and Republicans, for that matter) can get it, too.

Liz said...

I criticize because I love. Hopefully Sorkin will get back on track once he gets this middle America hate out of his system. If not, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do to save Studio 60, because I'm pretty sure you can't build a sufficient audience with that kind of attitude toward most of the country.

Thanks for the cheap tickets suggestion, Vance! I'll start looking...hopefully they'll have a deal for weekend tickets at some point, since I can't take off work to go up there.

brenda said...

This week's episode was almost enough to make me stop watching. If Sorkin wants a soapbox, why doesn't he just create a talking heads opinion show? Studio 60 is supposed to be entertainment, so entertain us, already.

That said, pathetic Jordan looking for friends was hysterical. She was so sweet & needy trying to befriend her underlings, but at the same time you know she will fire their asses on a moment's notice if she needs to. You go, girl!

Liz said...

Haha, yeah, Jordan's way more entertaining than I expected her to be. And the sketches (or lack thereof) are actually improving. It's just the damn soapbox thing, like you said, Brenda. Not entertaining in the least, and increasingly annoying.

Aaron Sorkin needs to seriously get with the program, because he's screwing up a fairly foolproof show! (Great cast, solid concept, huge budget, great director...)