Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Studio 60: "Can we have this conversation moving?"

Hooray! The storied Sorkian tradition of pedeconferencing is back with a vengeance on Studio 60. Because god knows something has to keep Bradley Whitford looking trim and boyish, and it sure ain't his hairline. Hopefully maintaining his West Wing on-set exercise routine will keep the bloat at bay.

Matt, Danny, and the cast of Studio 60 learned last night that focus groups are bad and throw off our confidence, but can also be used to manipulate our partners into bashing Bush more on national television. So...go, focus groups!

Amanda Peet learned that you should never, ever make the common mistake of marrying too young. Especially if your husband makes you go to sex parties during your nine months of marriage, and then waits until you're famous to write a book about it.

Ricky and Ron learned that you shouldn't backhandedly diss Matt on national television if there's any chance you'll ever be working for him, even four years later. Because he will Fuck. You. Up. Or at least be sort of mean and not let you write any sketches.

Tom and Simon learn that Harriet, as a devout Christian, has the power to make the electricity go on and off at will. Through God. Or something. And also that you shouldn't be mean to townsfolk who make bread and don't like Grease.

Happily, once everyone's learned their lessons they get to have a swingin' afterparty, complete with groupies and the fabulous news that they retained 109% of last week's audience! So all's well that ends well. I'm pretty much still on the same page with this show: Love it, enjoy it greatly, wish it were a little less West Wing. And I really do think Bradley Whitford has a lot of work to do in that department, as does Aaron Sorkin in writing Danny.

And...does anyone else feel like the Good Ship Danny/Jordan might have set sail a little last night? Or at least unfurled its flag?


Lori said...

The Danny/Jordan ship unfurled its flag in the pilot, when she asked him if he wanted to go to Cabo with her for the weekend. It's sailing now. Unless he goes wrestling on the beach with Matt again.

Liz said...

Hmm...fair enough. Forgot about the Cabo thing. I guess I just started noticing the *tension* last night. And yeah, you're definitely only allowed one beach-wrestling scene before it gets slashy. If that.

Lori said...

Yeah, I have to say it kind of already has gotten slashy. It's hard to care about Matt and Harriet or Danny and Jordan when Matt and Danny are so obviously into each other.