Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Daily Show Must Go On: Glowy Box Exclusive!

I am un/happy to confirm rumors that The Daily Show is filming new content, despite the Writers Guild of America strike which has the show in reruns this week.

Samantha Bee (apparently not also a Daily Show writer like John Oliver) was spotted near my place of work today, with cameraman and note-jotting assistant in tow. According to my spy, she appeared to be ad-libbing her lines, provoking passers-by and working around their responses.

Sounds like we may be getting some new Daily Show episodes at some point! At the very least, production is not totally shut down, as many reports have implied. So why am I conflicted? I'm happy because I'm hoping the show will cover the strike in a favorable light, or at least draw attention to it. I'm unhappy because with every show that finds a way to go on despite the strike, the pressure on executives is lessened, thus making a quick, favorable resolution more difficult for writers.