Thursday, November 01, 2007

Scrubs: Babies and alien goblins look a lot alike

Tonight's Scrubs was all about beginnings, endings, and Halo. And it was certainly a Very Special Episode, since it saw the birth of JD's baby, Sam. Of course, it did what Scrubs has always done best, balancing comedy with drama, imaginary with real, unicorns with childbirth. Ah, Scrubs. I love you so.

Kim, finally, is in labor, and ready to have a Serious Discussion with JD about their relationship. In fact, she's ready to say "I love you," whether he can say it back or not. And "not," unfortunately, is the case here. In fact, the best he can do is to tell her that he hopes he can fall in love with her someday, but then kind of admit that he wouldn't be with her were she not the mother of his child. Which just isn't what a woman in labor wants to hear from her baby daddy. Especially her baby daddy who messed up the timing on her epidural, thus leaving her with a fully painful labor. Urgh.

Turk heads out to the hospital to support JD, if by "support JD," you mean "beat Halo, since Carla won't let him play in the house anymore." I think the Janitor might be the most fun video game partner ever. Unless you wanted to win, of course. Man, if I'd had a eulogy for every alien goblin thing I killed playing Halo in college, I'd still be trying to beat the game. Turk's and Carla's relationship lives to see another day (unlike JD's and Kim's, it seems), though, when Carla reveals that she's a recovering Halo addict, and helps Turk beat the game. Wow, she might be a bit bossy sometimes, but she's also kind of the best wife ever, yo.

Dr. Cox has his own baby issues as he tries to get someone to give a shot to Jennifer/JD, his baby, on the likely valid theory that if he gives her shots, she'll be afraid of him. Unfortunately, the pediatrician on call is "Dr. No Shot," who doesn't give shots for the same reason. Oh, and Dr. Kelso (living at the hospital since Enid kicked him out) can't do it either, because "This is scotch, and I'm all Hasselhoffed out." Ha! JD agrees to help if Dr. Cox will talk him through his relationship troubles, but that obviously doesn't last long. He finally gets her the shot, though, and JD finally manages to suck it up and go back into the delivery room, even though Kim doesn't want him there. Soon, we are subject to that usual disgusting "three-month-old covered in reddish cottage cheese" birthing shot, and JD becomes a father. Which is pret-ty terrifying, if you ask me.

Some other favorite moments:

  • Fun Size! I knew she'd turn out hilarious! And apparently, she can totally talk normally, but doesn't, because it hurts her throat too much. Which doesn't sound funny, but really, really is.
  • Kim giving birth to the lead singer from Men at Work singing "Land Down Under" in JD's imagination. "That's what that song's about!"
  • JD, in charge of Kim's epidural. “Soon, you’re going to feel like you’re passing a marshmallow.” Sticky and uncomfortable. “Passing a unicorn.” Big horse with a horn. “Passing a rainbow.” ...Better.
  • It looked like we glimpsed a familiar face for a moment there! (Don't click if you don't want to be spoiled.)
All in all, another quality episode from the most underappreciated comedy on television. In fact, an extremely quality episode from my perspective, since it was heavy on the Dr. Cox and light on the Elliot. Keep it up, guys!