Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Phone Blitz to Support the WGA

Rumor has it that negotiations are going well, so let's keep up the positive momentum! The wga_supporters Livejournal community has organized a phone blitz in support of the WGA. I kind of missed the boat for Monday, but it's still going on Tuesday, so I encourage everyone to call in to all or one of the following numbers during normal business hours expressing your support for the writers:

1.818.560.1000 (Anne Sweeney, ABC, ABC Family, Disney)
1.310.369.1000 (Kevin Reilly, Fox)
1.818.954.6000(Bruce Rosenblum, Warner Bros.) (Phillipe Dauman, Viacom)
1.818.777.1000 (Jeff Zucker, NBC Universal)
1.212.975.4321 or 1.212.975.4545 (direct line) (Les Moonves, CBS)

For more information on what to say, head here, or click below to expand this post for a sample script provided by the wga_supporters folks (for those of us who dread calling strangers on the phone).

Hello Mr./Ms. [their name].

My name is [insert name].

I fall into the [insert demographic information] bracket and my local affiliate is [insert local affiliate’s name].

I am calling on behalf of the writers of my favorite show, [insert show].

I wanted you to know that I intend not to download any episodes from official sites; and, not to watch streaming “promotional” video online; and, not to watch any replacement television, unscripted reality or game shows, and nightly news programs until the WGA writers receive fair compensation for their work. When the new episodes stop airing, I will be joining my local book club.

I hope this week’s negotiations are successful. I really want production on [insert favorite show] to continue.

Thank you for your time, [your name].