Friday, November 02, 2007

On the Glowy Box: Defying Gravity

And in a surprise to no one but a downer for everyone, there's going to be a strike unless the producers do some extreme last-minute compromising. Nuts.

Watched Last Night:
Ugly Betty: Broadway musical + already-awesome TV show + smiling pickle logo = too much greatness for mere mortals to behold. Seriously, this show just keeps getting more fantastic. In its unusual, over-the-top-yet-still-nerdy way. I've had "Defying Gravity" stuck in my head all morning, but it was worth it for last night's fantastic episode. Marc's atypical boyfriend gives his character a little depth, which is a nice counterpart to Amanda's newfound depth. I like the idea of Daniel looking out for Betty for once, even if he's getting in the way of the greatest couple on television. And Hilda's reaction to Betty's secret relationship with Henry was a great moment in that I didn't expect it, but it fit perfectly with her character. You know, I realize the cast, styling, concept, and comedy of this show get a lot of credit, but the overall writing (drama and everything) is absolutely what makes Ugly Betty work so well. (Yeah, I'm trying not to think of the strike. And it's just not working.)

Grey's Anatomy: Get over your crap already, Meredith! Read my full review here.

Scrubs: The idea of JD as a father is both terrifying and hilarious. But mostly terrifying. Read the rest of my thoughts here.

Will Watch or DVR this Weekend:
Women's Murder Club: The club investigates a drug ring being run out of a nursing home; Lindsay reluctantly accepts an invitation for a date; Jill takes a big step in her romantic life. ABC, 9 PM.

The Amazing Race: The teams begin their worldwide journey at the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, Calif. CBC, 8 PM.

The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror! Homer, living a double life as a secret agent, must kill Kent Brockman; Bart and Lisa help Kodos reconnect with his home planet; Flanders decides to spook Springfield's children. Fox, 8 PM.

Desperate Housewives: Carlos walks out on his relationship with Edie; Susan finds Mike's supposedly dead father; an unexpected delivery at a Halloween party surprises the neighborhood. ABC, 9 PM.

More to watch this weekend than usual. Rock.