Friday, November 16, 2007

On the Glowy Box: Finally Friday

Have you signed the petition to support the WGA yet?

Last Night:
30 Rock: So...Edie Falco is hilarious, in addition to being an extraordinarily talented dramatic actress? That hardly seems fair. And it does take mad skillz to turn a line like, "Who knew the ottoman had wheels?" into comic gold. Also hilarious: Fred Armisen. (And I think this would be an appropriate place to note that I'd be an awesome Amazing Race contestant, aside from the "eating gross stuff" challenges.) Okay, how great is it that they brought back Sheinhardt Wig Co. from that big NBC organizational chart that Jack whipped out last season? That shows a certain Arrested Development-esque commitment to comic continuity. Okay, I could probably go on about this episode forever (the Lifetime movie! Tracy's suggested pick-up lines for Jack! The Nancy Drew/Hardy Boy!), but I'm going to restrain myself, with great difficulty, and go back to pining for tickets to the stage show version.

Grey's Anatomy: RIP Gizzie. Or so I'm hoping. Read my full thoughts here.

Scrubs: I actually kind of hate nicknames. Always have. Read the rest here.

This Weekend:
Women's Murder Club: A club member is abducted; a scary medical diagnosis may change Lindsay's life. ABC, 9 PM tonight.

The Amazing Race: Teams must milk several stubborn camels at a roadblock to receive their next clue. CBC, 8 PM Sunday.

Of all the shows affected by the strike, I think I'll miss 30 Rock the most...