Saturday, November 17, 2007

Send in pencils to support the writers! Just $1!

The WGA crew over at United Hollywood has done a great job furthering a campaign for TV fans to send pencils to media moguls. They've set up a system with an (environmentally sustainable!) vendor so that all you have to do is contribute $1 (or more!) via Paypal, which buys a box of pencils. The vendor will pool our purchases and ship the pencils by the truckload to the media moguls!

How easy is it? I just bought 5 boxes of pencils in support of 30 Rock (you get to name a show, if you want), with the message that I wouldn't watch internet content or replacement reality shows until the writers get a fair deal. It took me about two minutes, so no excuses! It costs less than a cup of coffee, can be done in the same amount of time it takes to check your email, and could send a huge message.

With AMPTP agreeing to come back to the table on the 26th, it's essential that we fans stand up and insist that writers get a fair deal. So get pencil-ing!