Friday, November 16, 2007

Scrubs: Mr. Lonely

Tonight, Scrubs got existential on us. But, as I've discovered, existentialism is far more palatable when it's Ted's band asking "Who Are You?" Ah, Ted's band. I may miss you the most when Scrubs is gone.

First on the list of existential crises: Carla, who dreams that JD, Turk, and Elliot murder her. Disturbing, yes, but her main concern is that the dream was in English, not Spanish. And if she's losing her Latina identity, how will she pass her heritage along to Izzy? You know, one of the things I love about this show is the characters' ability to grow and change (JD excepted, of course). Turk, who could care less about where he comes from, not only does a great job reassuring Carla of her Latina-osity, but actually takes the plunge and starts learning Spanish. Seven years late, sure, but at least he's making the effort, right?

Meanwhile, Dr. Cox gets the apartment to himself for the weekend when Jordan takes the kids to visit her mom. When the weekend turns into a week, Dr. Cox actually starts to feel (gasp) lonely. Like, to the point of letting JD put his arm around his shoulders. Yeah. This was a little sad for me, because though I love that he, too, is evolving as a character, it seems like the Dr. Cox I know and love is being emasculated a little. And he obviously feels the same way. But you know what? It makes perfect sense as far as his story arch goes, and as long as he gets some of his oomph back, I'm completely on board. A little depth never hurt any character (though if they tried it with Barney on How I Met Your Mother, I would probably feel differently).

When he's not taking advantage of Dr. Cox's vulnerable state, JD is feuding with the Janitor over his status as a "man of the people." You see, it seems JD calls everyone by nicknames because he doesn't actually know anyone's real name. And also, possibly, because he's always wanted a nickname of his very own. Happily, he now has one: John "I think I'm a man of the people but now thanks to the Janitor everybody knows I'm a fraud and I have egg on my face" Dorian. Catchy! Unfortunately, ITMPNTJEKFHEF (not so catchy in acronym form) makes the mistake of making a bet with the Janitor that he can name everyone in the hospital. Don't play with fire, dude. Especially when the end result is so obvious: he loses when he can't name the Janitor. And thus, has to do the Janitor's job for a day. All I have to say is this: How did a guy named Cole Slawski get the nickname "Colonel Doctor"? Come on!

Other moments of awesome:

  • JD, Dr. Cox, Turk...and the Todd doing the Risky Business underwear dance scene in Dr. Cox's apartment. HILARIOUS! JD: "Sometimes, you just gotta say, 'What the fudge?'" Elliot: "That's not the line." JD: "I saw it on a plane."
  • I'm totally going to try and get a wave going tomorrow in my office. There are only four of us in the room, so it should be pretty easy.
  • Laverne is back! Only her name is Shirley. Or "Lavernigan," as JD calls her against her will.


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