Tuesday, November 06, 2007

On the Glowy Box: Or in this case, not so much.

It seems I'm subconsciously supporting the strike by making myself too busy to watch TV (besides The Bachelor, that is). ...Good for me?

Will Watch or DVR Tonight:
House: The CIA recruits House to help an agent dying of an unknown illness; Foreman faces resistance from the remaining fellowship candidates when they question his judgment. Fox, 9 PM.

Reaper: Sam must trap a thrill-seeking couple who engineer fatal car-crashes; the devil offers Sam inside information on a young woman he wants to ask out. The CW, 9 PM.

Boston Legal: Alan tries to prove that Patrice was temporarily insane when she killed the man who murdered her daughter; Denny fires an associate lawyer for being overweight; Jerry helps an objectophile. ABC, 10 PM.

Okay, I'm really going to try and get caught up tonight. Seriously.


Vance said...

I stopped watching Heroes in support of the writers strike. You know, since they didn't employ any this year.

(Though actually I hear last nights was decent but I'm so far behind now it'll take me a weekend to catch up).

Liz said...


I'm so far behind on Heroes that it'll take there being nothing on television for me to catch up. Oh, wait...