Thursday, November 15, 2007

On the Glowy Box: Enjoy it while it lasts...

First, a couple strike links. Here's a guide AOL TV put together on the status of a bunch of primetime shows. It's not looking too good, folks. Want to help out? Here's a site with a great list of addresses, phone numbers, and a sample letter to make it extra-easy for you to give the networks a piece of your mind. It even has a list of which executives are responsible for which shows. So get writing, people!

Last Night:
Pushing Daisies: While my love for this show knows no bounds, last night's episode wasn't quite as amazingly wonderful as previous weeks, if you ask me. Slightly less quirky, slightly more heavy. That said, I think it was completely necessary so that the show could move to the next level. Last night, we broke through the surface twee and got some serious character issues out in the open. Now, we've got all the more interesting stuff to play with! Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Olive is rapidly becoming my favorite character.

America's Next Top Model: China? Really??? You can read my full recap here.

House: From Tuesday. Okay, props for the improved incorporation of Chase and Cameron. Negative props for featuring that whiny plastic surgeon. I'm SO not into his character. Props for making the standard documentary episode interesting by focusing on the camera's effect on the doctors. Negative props else! It was a pretty good episode, actually.

Reaper: From Tuesday. At long last, this show is totally growing on me. As I mentioned before, this fact is probably due to a lowering of standards rather than an increase in the show's quality, but I don't care--it's fun to watch, and doesn't involve too much effort on my point (a selling point, given my current schedule). And duuuude, that special effect where the demon's tattoos turned into real weapons? So cool. It's also nice to see Reaper continuing to think outside the formula, particularly with the Gladys side plot this week. Nicely done, Reaper.

How I Met Your Mother: From Monday. Okay, did this episode make anyone else wonder what terrible habits they have? Because I've been obsessing over it a little. Do I talk too much? (Yes.) Do I over-correct? (Yes.) Do I chew loudly? (Possibly.) Do I sing while I perform menial tasks? (Not so much, no.) I think my glass-shattering habit (Literally, in this case. No, wait... figuratively.) is probably that I talk really loudly. Yep.

Ugly Betty: Wilhelmina plots her next moves in the wake of the Meade-Slater nuptials; Betty tries to make things right with Daniel; Henry uses his charm to get the weekend receptionist (Mo'Nique) to let him in after hours. ABC, 8 PM.

30 Rock: When Jack attends a cocktail party, he falls for a Vermont congresswoman (Edie Falco); Liz suspects her Middle Eastern neighbor of being a terrorist. NBC, 8:30 PM.

Grey's Anatomy: Teenagers fill the ER after a school-bus crash; Bailey treats a patient who was her high-school crush; Derek goes on a date with a fellow doctor; Thatcher enters the ER looking for Meredith. ABC, 9 PM.

The Office: Jan sues Dunder Mifflin, and Michael is deposed as a witness; Kelly trash-talks Pam after Darryl beats Jim at pingpong. NBC, 9 PM.

Scrubs: Carla worries that she is losing her identity; J.D. angers the staff when they realize that he uses nicknames because he does not know their real names. NBC, 9:30 PM.

Wait, so is Women's Murder Club on Thursdays now? Because that totally takes away from its watchability.