Thursday, November 01, 2007

On the Glowy Box: Mark July 25th on your calendars...

...'Cause there's going to be another X-Files movie, baby!!! Production starts December 10th, and I am crazy super excited. (In case you didn't know, I am totally the biggest X-Files nerd on the planet. Or "X-Phile," if you will.)

Watched Last Night:
Pushing Daisies: Um, awesome. Of course. As always. This show can do no wrong, as far as I'm concerned. And the more Olive the better! This week's mystery was appropriately Scooby-and-the-Gang, with the fake ghost turning out to be an angry mother who would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling private investigators. Perfect for Halloween! I'm also glad they're pushing the boundaries of the Chuck/Ned relationship with the Olive kiss (and more coming next week, it seems). I hope Chuck gets hers, too, but slightly fractured fairy tales are far more interesting than happily ever after ones, don't you think?

Private Practice: After a couple weeks of maybe being a decent, or at least passable, show, Private Practice veered back into the realm of the boring and predictable this week. Who DIDN'T call that child abuse thing immediately? And who else is sick of hearing about Pete's "magic touch"? And seeing Addison's self-satisfied smile every time she walks away from an interaction with Pete? UGH. This show is completely wasting one of the best ensembles on television with its pedestrian writing. Maybe they can replace the WGA writers on Private Practice with college interns during the strike, and we could actually get some realistic dialogue for once. Or at least a plotline that doesn't seem like it's been done a thousand times before.

Reaper: From Tuesday. You know, this episode actually grabbed me a lot more than any other one since the pilot, probably because it diverged from the usual formula. The addition of Leon (Czolgosz) as a fairly entertaining escaped/captured/escaped soul really helped to shake up the proceedings, as did the tension between Sam and Sock. And the multitude of Devil scenes certainly didn't hurt. Way to go, Reaper, and here's hoping you keep it up!

America's Next Top Model: Clip show. Sigh. Read my recap here.

Will Watch or DVR Tonight:
(Descriptions from's TV listings)

Ugly Betty: Betty and Henry make a date to see "Wicked," but things do not go as planned; Daniel woos an important advertiser (Marlo Thomas) with a penchant for younger men. ABC, 8 PM.

Grey's Anatomy: The chief has a gentlemen's evening with his fellow surgeons; Cristina and Izzie find themselves competing for the same surgeries and the favor of the doctors performing them; Meredith tends to the survivor of a sky-diving accident. ABC, 9 PM.

The Office: Michael fights back when Karen tries to woo Stanley away from Scranton; a Finer Things Club further disturbs Dunder Mifflin's calm. NBC, 9 PM.

Scrubs: When Kim goes into labor, she and J.D. worry about their future as a couple; the Sacred Heart staffers prove that parenting is all about sacrifice. NBC, 9:30 PM.

I'll miss you, 30 Rock, but at least I'll have Scrubs with which to console myself...


kp said...

I caught up on almost everything this weekend...phew!

PD was so great. I love the newest development between Chuck and Olive of the "faking your death" thing. It was SO heartwarming when Chuck went to her aunts for trick-or-treat too. Plus, how genius was the grafted horse legs!?! =)

PP - I've said it before, I'll say it again...come to the dark side. Gossip Girl. I've still been dvr-ing PPractice and I still am a little bit in love with Kate Walsh, but god, that show is so horrifyingly awful.

I forget...are you watching Dirty Sexy Money(?), b/c that was really good this week too.

Liz said...

I, sadly, did NOT catch up on everything this weekend, and thus am behind on Dirty Sexy Money. Rrgh. Hopefully I'll be able to watch last week's episode before Wednesday...