Tuesday, November 20, 2007

On the Glowy Box: Don't Mess Around with Chuck

Check out the latest funny 'cause it's true video from United Hollywood--it features photos of many writers enjoying the imaginary fruits of their imaginary new media residuals.

Last Night:
Chuck: Oh, man. This show started out great, and has improved tenfold from there after taking a few episodes to find the perfect balance between characters, and the perfect combination of stand-alone plots and overarching themes. I love it! And just when I was worried that they were blowing their wad too early with the Chuck/Sarah thing, the writers bring Bryce back into the picture! Bananas! I'm even beginning to like Morgan a little. Applause all around, Chuck. This could have easily been a formulaic "watch it if I'm home and bored" show, and now it's one of the shows I most look forward to in the week.

How I Met Your Mother: FINALLY, an episode worthy of the show that brought us "Slap Bet." Of course, it's a Slap Bet-related episode, so it's still using the same genius idea, but I'm going to ignore that, since I was laughing out loud for pretty much the entire half hour. Even the word "Slapsgiving" is hilarious! But most hilarious of all is this video, the official music video for "You Just Got Slapped," which is officially the BEST EVER. Though it is sadly lacking in Barney's harmonizing. Seriously, this episode was all kinds of fabulous. There's really nothing more that can be said.

The Bachelor: Worst. Finale. Ever. He didn't even choose anyone! I was far from invested in this show, and I still feel ripped off. Consider my experiment in watching The Bachelor officially over. ...After tonight's "After the Final Rose" episode, in which Brad will hopefully get the ass-whooping of a lifetime. Read my full recap here.

House: House encounters a magician whose heart failed during an underwater escape act and suspects he is a scam artist faking his ailments. Fox, 9 PM.

The Bachelor: "After the Final Rose." ABC, 10 PM.

Slim pickings tonight!


Vance said...

He Chose NO ONE? Well, guess that shows reality tv watchers... (and even though I do love my reality tv... goes more to the point of why we need to ignore it starting now)...


Holy. they sure pack a lot at 8pm (and i didn't even get a chance to watch Aliens in America yet).

Liz said...

I know, right?! It was like a big F You to everyone who watched this season! And he was reeeally leading those girls on, too. Totally painful to watch.

Last night = SO AWESOME!!!!!! And I didn't even think Chuck could get better from last week!