Thursday, November 29, 2007

Scrubs: I don't wanna grow up

Tonight's episode of Scrubs, while still featuring some of the heavier themes that have been so prevalent this season, had more of the lighthearted playfulness that drew us all to the show in the first place. It also rewarded longtime fans with references to past jokes, which I definitely appreciated. Our life lesson this week was that childhood is important, or growing up is bad, or something. Basically, the opposite of the life lesson a couple weeks ago. Not that I'm complaining, since this lesson was way funnier. And they acknowledge the conflicting advice, so it's all good. I love you, Scrubs!

First, we've got JD, who has an identity crisis (again?) when Dr. Cox calls him on failing to grow up. Happily, Turk is able to show JD that he just needs to continue being more responsible, not to change who he is. Wow, JD is still pretty incapable of learning lessons on his own, huh? Dr. Cox himself seems intent on forcing everyone around him to grow up, even his own son and his adolescent patient with leukemia. Happily, Carla is able to talk some sense into him, and we get to see Dr. Cox making silly voices for Jack. Aww. Finally, we've got Dr. Kelso, who doesn't want to own up to his age (65 years young) when Elliot insists on throwing him a birthday party. Unhappily, his objections make a lot of sense once we find out that the hospital has a mandatory retirement policy for administrators once they turn 65. Oops.

So that's pretty much what we had, plot-wise. Here's a list of awesomeness, in no particular order:

  • JD's son daydreaming, like father, like son. (Not so awesome? The daydream itself. It's going to take waaay too long to clear the image of Kelso breastfeeding and Turk squirting his boob milk at JD out of my head.)
  • Sam and Izzy's playdate. So cute, you guys. So cute! I love that Turk is already planning the marriage, while JD is having Sam mack on other baby girls. This may be the only time I'm on board with Look Who's Talking-style baby narration. And on a related note...
  • JD having Sam make little spanking motions. Best. Ever.
  • The dearly departed Caramel Bear.
  • The World's Most Giant Black Doctor (originally intended for Black History Month, to scare racist patients), complete with giant stethoscope, pencil, and petition to make Sacred Heart more giant-accessible.
  • The return of Hide the Saltine.
  • Rex and three other interns following Hooch around (and the ensuing hostage situation). Hooch is craaazy!
  • The Hanukah decorations for Dr. Kelso's party. Oh, Ted.

So in conclusion: Heavy on the funny, light on the heavy, if that makes sense. And that's the way I like it.