Wednesday, November 21, 2007

On the Glowy Box: I love me some chillaxin'

Sleeping in is awesome. So is supporting TV writers.

Last Night:
House: The twists! The turns! The thongs! The total lack of Cameron and Chase being awkwardly inserted into the C-plot! Steve Valentine! The MRI of Doom! LUPUS!!!1! (Is the series over now? What other ailment will they guess in the first five minutes of every episode, only to be quickly proven wrong? I guess there's still vasculitis...but it somehow feels like the end of an era.) But as great as that episode was, I mostly just found myself wondering who the hell goes to magic shows in their time away from work. I mean, really--magic shows? That's quite the man date.

The Bachelor: There was a disappointing lack of ass-kicking. Sigh. Read my full recap here.

Pushing Daisies: An exploding scratch-and-sniff book kills the assistant of a famous scent specialist, and Ned and his team must discover the intended target of the deadly missive. ABC, 8 PM.

America's Next Top Model: Tyra takes the contestants to China for a martial-arts-themed stunt lesson; the women must let their personalities shine through in a photo shoot and commercial for a cosmetics company. The CW, 8 PM.

Private Practice: Cooper gets surprising results with online dating; Addison has a date with one of Violet's patients; Naomi and Sam make a house call at a convent; Addison and Pete help a teenage mother as part of a Safe Surrender program. ABC, 9 PM.

Project Runway: Designers are surprised by a workroom visit from a fashion icon who becomes the subject of their challenge. Bravo, 10 PM.

Yeah, I'm done with Dirty Sexy Money, at least until it's out on DVD. Wednesdays are busy enough already, and it still wasn't grabbing me 100%. Or even 75%, really.