Thursday, November 01, 2007

Grey's Anatomy: Monopoly is a gentleman's game

Tonight on Grey's Anatomy, we covered "severe abandonment issues," wedding dresses, sexism in the workplace, near death experiences, woodpeckers, and sex. So pretty much just another night at Seattle Grace. Overall? Pretty good stuff. I took issue with a couple cheesy speeches, and Shonda may have tried to cram a bit too much in (which is why we aren't really getting into the patients of the week here), but Dr. Hahn's awesomeness and Callie's impending awesomeness (I can feel it coming, you guys) more than make up for all of that.

First: Dr. Hahn. I need to begin by saying that halfway through tonight's episode I finally, FINALLY realized where I know that actress from. Silence of the Lambs! She's the "it" in "It puts the lotion on its skin"! Which ups her coolness factor by, like, a thousand, since that's one of my favorite movies. And also a completely classic moment in pop culture. But beyond that, Dr. Hahn, through her righteous feminism, is quickly becoming my favorite character on Grey's. I loooved that she confronted the Chief about his "gentleman's evening," and his checking up on her surgeries. Right on, Dr. Hahn. Right on. And though I love Cristina, I can totally understand Dr. Hahn being skeptical of her relationship with Burke, when Dr. Hahn probably worked incredibly hard to get the respect she deserves in such a tough field. Also, her asking if Derek and Sloan were a couple pretty much made my night. For reals. (And they do kinda make a cute couple this season, even if it is platonic.)

Speaking of Sloan, I really liked him and Callie teaming up to torture George a little. Those two definitely have some interesting chemistry going. And wow, this whole affair/divorce thing is moving along at warp speed, isn't it? I mean, I'm glad Callie is able to let go of her marriage now, but that seems awfully fast. The dude has to hold a dress for a few hours, and suddenly he's been punished enough, and she can joke around with him again? I'm not buying it.

George, for his part, is being remarkably passive in all this. Maybe it comes from being an intern again, or maybe it's just his personality (or the fact that this season and last beat the personality right out of him), but he just seems like he's along for the ride these days. Or lack thereof, when it comes to Izzie (oh, snap!). Her "I'm exhausted and achy and can't have a perfect rare bird night with you" speech had me grinding my teeth, much like the "I'm Bambi!" speech earlier this season. However, I can forgive her for two reasons. First, it led to George's "...Did you only shave one of your legs?" line, which was hilarious. Second, it only seems right to forgive someone who's about to die in a fiery blaze. Seriously, who lights that many candles in their room and goes to sleep without blowing them out? Seriously.

And okay, wow, can we talk Alex and Lexie? What do we think about this? Poor Eva! I thought it was pretty funny that Alex walked away from Lexie after saying he only had sex to offer, assuming that's not fine by her. And by funny, I mean a little sexist, but kind of sweet. (Yeah, insert "She's related to Meredith, thus must be all about the no-strings-attached sex" joke here.) Anyway, I'm not sure how I feel about them as a couple, though at least she seemed ignorant of the fact that he lives with Meredith. Yeah, busted. And she was pretty un-annoying up until that point tonight. But seriously? How about finding a nice fellow non-George intern to hook up with instead one of Meredith's resident friends, eh, Lexie? Because you kind of brought this upon yourself.

Finally, my favorite quote of the episode, by Cristina: "Being aware of your crap and actually overcoming your crap are two different things." Truer words have never been spoken, Cristina. Truer words have never been spoken. And I am becoming increasingly less interested in watching Meredith try to overcome her crap.


kp said...

Dr. Hahn - She's a great character and a nice addition (with the loss of Addison), but I don't really "get" why she has it out for Christina, after they keep hitting us over the head in the "previously on" scene where she says that Yang reminds her of herself. Plus I don't really see Izzie as a hardcore heart surgeon, even though she used her "Izzie-ness" to bring that freaking out patient back to a semblance of sanity.

Sloan + Callie = awesome. Agreed!

I totally thought that about the candles too, plus it reeks of daytime soap opera. Why is Grey's sometimes SOOOOO cliche?

Alex + Lexie = wtf?!? I was annoyed that Alex had these "moments" with Ava only to waste all the goodwill I had for him there to hook up with Lexie. And really, you would think that Lexie wouldn't be that girl, right? ARGH!

Overall though, I think that the past 2 weeks have been much better as far as the writing, etc. More on par with what I expect from the show.

Liz said...

I'm assuming she thinks Yang is basically undermining people's respect for female surgeons by hooking up her her superiors and giving the impression of sleeping her way to the top--even though it's not true.

You'd at LEAST think Lexie wouldn't be that girl with someone from Meredith's group. I mean, seriously.