Friday, November 30, 2007

On the Glowy Box: Fun Times Accomplished

An offer is a step in the right direction, right? Even if it's not a good one? Sigh...

Last Night:
30 Rock: I loved the "Liz dates a younger guy" plot, though it did remind me a bit of the Friends episode where Monica dates a guy whom she thought was a senior in college, but is actually a senior in high school. I'm ashamed to admit that I lead an even safer life than Liz Lemon: I've never been on my roof. That said, my apartment is in a townhouse, so I'm not sure roof access would even be possible. Also, MAD PROPS to the "Gellin' like Magellan" reference, which I'm going to take as an homage to my favorite commercials ever. (Shut up. "Gellin' like a felon, want some melon?" is HILARIOUS!) I wasn't so into the Mighty Ducks-meets-Iraq plot, though it did yield a few amusing lines ("You know at the first practice they asked me what the sun was?"). And I feel like I have to mention Frank's "so weird it worked" gay side-plot. Something about a slob buying a "little peach" a slim-fit sweater is just innately hilarious, I guess.

Scrubs: Hooch is crazy! Read my full review here.

Pushing Daisies: From Wednesday. Yay, Raúl Esparza! (Also, yay, love interest for Olive!) Yay, Mike White! Um...okay, Molly Shannon, who was appropriately cast in an annoying role! Incidentally, I think I can call myself a "Pie Ho" after last week's holiday. Mmm...pie... And oof, Ned, that is NOT the way to break the news to someone that you killed their father. Yeesh.

This Weekend:
Jeopardy: My friend Per is a contestant tonight, so you should all totally watch! Check local listings.

Desperate Housewives: An approaching tornado forces the Wisteria Lane residents into basements, cellars and safe rooms. ABC, 9 PM Sunday.

Man, do I love me some weekends.


TV Guy said...

I agree that Plot A was better than the "Mighty Ducks-meets-Iraq plot" as you put it.

I love 30 Rock. It is absolutely hilarious!

Liz said...

Yep, and as a big Mighty Ducks fan (and as a big fan of pointing out the foolishness of Iraq), I was kind of disappointed that it didn't come together. That said, 30 Rock is definitely my favorite show on TV right now.