Thursday, September 07, 2006

Band from TV

I've been hearing things for a couple weeks now about Band from TV, a band which counts among its members Hugh Laurie of House (keyboards), James Denton of Desperate Housewives (guitar), and Greg Grunberg of Alias (drums and apparently band founder). Yeah. Wow. Dr. House, Mike the Plumber, and Agent Weiss together at last, and playing in a rock and roll band. I

I finally popped by their myspace, which has a sort of chaotic charm, and listened to the tracks they had up there. And...Hugh Laurie is kind of an awesome keyboardist. Who knew?! Also, I love this picture that they have up:

It's small, so it's a bit hard to see, but Hugh Laurie is totally standing off to the right, completely unamused, while everyone else is all "Woo! Band from TV!" Guess there's a little more Dr. House in him than his comedy roots suggest...


vance said...

Bonnie Summerville? James Denton? Hugh Laurie? Greg Grunberg? I would watch a show with that cast!

Lori said...

You and me both. Why can't they make that show?