Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Veronica Mars: I Hope Next Week's Case is Finding Mac

Check out the new picture – now with significantly less smug! Sure, there's still some in there, but it's diffused by the group shot. And you get to see everyone, even the ones who are taking extra-long vacations (Mac). Seriously, show, what have you done with Tina Majorino? I demand proof of life, or at least proof of continued employment.

This week, Veronica's on the case of a Point Break-style robbery of the underground gambling club, the Venetian (no, it does not have a Phantom Spectacular). And if you think this is the sort of thing she wouldn't ordinarily care about, you'd be right. She only cares because her necklace, a gift from Lilly, was stolen in the robbery. She really, really likes that necklace. All the signs point to Weevil, but turns out it's the campus police. Veronica also makes a bit of headway in the rape mystery department: Claire doesn't recognize the guy in the ATM picture with her, but his roommate says that the guy is her boyfriend. Hmm, maybe my idea that the feminists are behind the whole thing isn't so crazy after all.

Keith's case centers around Dean Begley, Jr., his stepson, and his wife's ex-husband, who needs to donate bone marrow to said stepson to save his life. So of course Dean Begley, Jr. and his wife kidnap the ex to force him to give the marrow. That Dean Begley, Jr. is awfully shady. Maybe he's behind the rapes. Or maybe he and the feminists are in on it together! Oh, he's clever.

Wallace, meanwhile, cheats on a mechanical engineering exam and gets caught. That's what he gets for listening to his hammy friend. Take it down a notch, dude; this is not the Hornell community theater production of Deathtrap.

In awesome news: Lamb does the robot, Veronica has a one-geek fan club, and Cliff stops by. Hi, Cliff! Good to see you! Don't be a stranger like Mac!


Liz said...

Ok, I haven't read the actual post because I haven't seen the episode yet (damn you, scheduling gods!), but I would like to humbly request that we return to the smug photo of yore, lest people think we are implicitly supporting that vest/bustier thing Veronica's wearing in the new photo. I'm sure Colleen would agree with my anti-vest position.

Oh, and I think Mac might be off seeing Bill Paxton's ass on HBO. LAME!!!

Anonymous said...

haha the post title is great...

Colleen said...

*glares at Liz*

Vest or not, I approve of the new photo's lack of smugness.

Though her hair was better in the other photo, that i will concede.

Robin said...

Cliff was seriously awesome, but that's pretty normal with him.

As for Wallace, did he cheat on the exam? It seemed like he finished it awfully fast and the professor was intrigued by what he wrote. I figured he'd written down something about a guy selling old exams because he's Wallace.

Also, hi! I forgot the link to this place and Colleen reminded me yesterday. *bookmarks this time*

Lori said...

Yeah, Robin, at first I thought he wrote something on his exam about how he cheated and bought answers or something, but the CW's blurb about next week's ep ( implies that he actually did cheat. It also implies that Mac comes back, but I'll believe that when I see it. Thanks for bookmarking us!

Oh, and everyone, I'm making an executive decision to stay with the current photo, because I like having group shots. Though I agree the vestier is hideous.

Liz said...

Down with vestiers! First Cameron from House, and now Veronica? Nooo!

Okay, now that I've finally seen the episode, can I suggest that next week's mystery (after finding Mac, of course) be busting the steroid-dealing ring that obviously counts Weevil as one of their clients? Or perhaps he ran afoul of them, and they tied him down and gave him enough 'roids to pump up an elephant, and then give that elephant backne. And neckne. For reals.