Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I know, I know, I'm a little late on this...but since I was sick for the first week of 2008, I'm gonna say it doesn't officially start on Glowy Box until now. So, in that spirit, here are my resolutions:

  • Blog more. Yeah, I have a crazy job that often keeps me working until all hours of the night, but there's always time for more TV, right? Thus, I resolve to make more time for blogging, especially on weekends. Either that, or kidnap Lori and make her start writing for Glowy Box again...
  • Continue to support the WGA. This means that I won't be watching "scab" reality shows brought in to replace scripted shows, I'll be avoiding streaming internet content (I'm talking about you, Hulu), and I will absolutely not be presenting an award at the Golden Globes, no matter what kind of fancy gift bag they may offer me. It also means I'll keep covering the WGA's efforts, and helping them out to the best of my ability as a TV blogger.
  • Catch up on all those shows I should've been watching. There are about a zillion great shows out there, some current and some just fondly remembered, that I've never seen. And, since I've got a few holes in my TV-watching schedule (see above resolution), I just signed up for Netflix in order to rectify this problem. First up: Dexter, since I also just subscribed to Showtime.
Here's hoping I'm able to fulfill all three resolutions, unlike last year's unrealistic ones. (Exercise more? Puh-leeze. That one was a goner from the start, even before I sprained my ankle.)


Bruce said...

Happy New Year to you. Good luck with your resolutions. I got my Wife Dexter Season 1 for Christmas so that is up on my radar soon too. My brother also has the first 4 seasons of the Wire which will have to make their way over to my house since I can only rewatch Arrested Development, Dead like me and Buffy so many times.

Liz said...

Thanks, and happy new year to you, too! Dexter is awesome so far, to get you motivated. The Wire is definitely on my mental list, as is Dead Like Me. (Because yeah, I can only rewatch Arrested Development, the X-Files, and the West Wing so many times.)